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Advanced Systems Engineering

2H Offshore

A global engineering contractor specialising in the design, planning, structural analysis and integrity management of offshore energy systems.

2H Offshore is a sub-brand in the advanced systems engineering business line

Acteon operates five business lines to more effectively service the needs of our customers.

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2H is an independently operated subsidiary owned by Acteon, which specialises in providing clients with impartial advanced systems engineering.

With over 30 years in the offshore energy business and a reputation as a leader in marine structure dynamics, complex system design and integrity management, 2H’s expertise has seen them enhance oil and gas operations, create efficiencies in fixed and floating wind, and pioneer leading edge initiatives to support decarbonisation. 

2H’s capabilities include environmental planning, geotechnical consulting, system design, naval architecture, fabrication, installation, transportation, integrity, life extension and monitoring, and decommissioning.  

Where projects have complex engineering requirements as part of an integrated group tender, Acteon and its segments draw on 2H’s team of specialist, multidisciplinary engineers to help deliver a wide remit of offshore energy projects.  

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