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Decommissioning services

InterAct Decommissioning Services

Decommissioning and abandonment is a specialised activity that relies on meticulous planning combined with the best use of technology, equipment and resources to control costs, ensure complete safety at the worksite, protect the environment and preserve your company reputation.

Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of a broad complement of experienced professionals, Acteon provides comprehensive onshore and offshore oilfield decommissioning services.

From end-of-field-life determination to final lease clearance, we can assist with every aspect of facility abandonment be it onshore facilities, platforms, pipelines or single wells. Acteon uses an integrated team approach to prepare detailed plans and procedures for well plugging and abandonment, equipment and pipeline flushing, platform topsides removal, jacket dismantlement, tow and salvage/scrapping plans. We are a recognized leader in decommissioning and have been instrumental in planning for some of the world’s deepest fixed- and tension-leg platforms yet to be abandoned as well as LNG gasification plants.

Delivered by InterAct

InterAct provides services to oil and gas and other energy industries, including activity management, well / facility abandonment, engineering, drilling and production, and permitting / regulatory / environmental services.

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Acteon solutions can simplify the interface between Acteon and customers that need more than one of its strategic business segments and product and service line brands to address their marine energy and infrastructure challenges, whatever their scale and complexity. Each combination is packaged as a customer-specific integrated solution and delivered through a single Acteon point of contact under a single contract.

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Acteon’s expertise in drilling and decommissioning spans decades and covers the full lifecycle of a project from the acquisition of subsea information and data, to bespoke drilling packages to onshore disposal and recycling.

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