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Our Service Divisions

Acteon operates three divisions to more effectively service the needs of our customers.

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Data and Robotics

Acteon’s Data and Robotics division provides a suite of smart solutions for the entire lifecycle of an asset, including advanced geotechnical and geophysical site investigation, surveying, subsea electronics and robotics, and asset integrity monitoring. From satellite data acquisition to autonomous vehicles, we provide our customers with leading-edge, lower-carbon technologies to enable them to make decisions faster and smarter, and with significant cost savings on vessel days and personnel on board.

This is achieved by putting cloud-based computing, remote connectivity, superior data interpretation, high-resolution imaging and advanced tooling robotics and automation at the heart of our offering, whether through patented proprietary technology or preferred partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers.

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Engineering, Moorings and Foundations

Acteon’s Engineering, Moorings and Foundations division delivers a complete service from initial concept engineering through design, fabrication, and on to marine installation. Offering a complete foundation and mooring expertise, regardless of the concept – from jackets to monopiles to floating, whether driven, drilled, moored, or a hybrid concept. This provides our customers with the most viable and optimum foundation or station-keeping solution.

We achieve this by applying our significant engineering domain knowledge in advanced geotechnical and structural modelling to design, assure and provide procurement and quayside logistics services, and perform offshore installation operations.

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Energy Services

Acteon’s Energy Services division supports oil and gas and other offshore energy sectors.  We bring bespoke solutions to maximise an asset’s performance, often towards the end of its production life through structural improvements and corrosion protection retrofitting. Extending a project’s original life reduces the customer’s carbon footprint, risks and costs.

When the asset has reached the end of its life, the Energy Services division helps to decommission it through specialised cutting services and the recovery of structures and flexible products from the sea floor.

This is achieved by using our expertise and broad global experience to challenge convention and develop safe alternative approaches and technologies for subsea and floating infrastructure life extension and removals.

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Acteon Energy Services

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