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InterMoor is a world-leader in innovative mooring and installation technology.

The company designs, supplies and deploys technically advanced mooring systems and provides rig-move and back-of-the-boat installation services worldwide.

Key Services

  • Foundation and installation engineering
  • FPSO redeployment and decommissioning
  • Pre-laid mooring
  • Mooring solutions for permanent facilities, mobile offshore drilling units and other offshore floating facilities
  • Rental of mooring equipment, chain, wire and rope
  • Fabrication of mooring components, installation equipment and other oilfield hardware
  • Base port heavy lifting; inspection, repair and maintenance of moorings; and mooring component storage
  • Subsea installation recovery
  • Survey and positioning.

A photograph of an Intermoor facility shown from above

900 Threadneedle Suite
300 Houston
Texas, TX 77079

Products by InterMoor

Acteon Solutions

Customer-specific solutions comprising a combination of products and services packaged as an integrated service.

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