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Acteon enables its customers to reduce the total cost of ownership of their critical subsea infrastructure, safely and responsibly, throughout the life of a field.
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Acteon work with subsea hardware, data and knowledge, and currently target four sectors: oil and gas, renewables, aquaculture and marine construction. 

Our aim is to reduce the cost of owning subsea assets through the integration of products and services. Customer-focused solutions offer a high degree of flexibility, exceptional service quality, and fresh thinking across the life of a field, from exploration through to decommissioning. Each solution may be based on complete pre-packaged integrated services or combined elements from more than one existing or bespoke integrated service. Where Acteon’s existing offerings cannot address our customers’ challenges, our field life service team creates innovative technical strategies to achieve breakthrough, long-term or industry-wide objectives.


We create solutions to complex subsea challenges by combining products and services through customer-specific integrated services in the following areas.

Construction Windfarm Image


Solutions for the pre-development and development project phases.

Whether you have a jetty, a conductor or a wind turbine to install, Acteon can help to cut your costs and deliver infrastructure quickly.

RetroBuoy ICCP Sled from Deepwater

Integrity management

Solutions for operations and late-life project phases.

Acteon can help to safeguard the integrity of your offshore assets to maintain or extend output and protect your workforce, investment and reputation, and the environment.



Solutions for decommissioning and post-abandonment project phases.

From hydrocarbon production facilities to wind turbines, Acteon aims to reduce the cost of decommissioning by thinking differently and developing alternative approaches and new technologies.

Acteon - a single point of contact

A single point of contact under a single contract

The Acteon field life service team

Our customers’ first point of contact for integrated solutions and innovative technical strategies. A delivery team lead manages relationships and collaboration with and between the Acteon operating companies and the other service providers through an interface who is often a specialist based in our customer’s office.

The industries we serve

The plant at night.

Oil & Gas

In some regions of the world the offshore oil and gas industry has reached maturity and fields are being decommissioned. In others, offshore and subsea technologies are being pushed to the limit to produce from challenging new reserves in deepwater settings. From installation, through maintenance, to removal of infrastructure, the variety of subsea challenges faced by operators and service companies has never been greater. Acteon creates new and disruptive commercial and technical offerings that reduce costs and increase operational efficiency throughout the life of a field.

Turbines out to sea


Acteon owns the technology needed to install, maintain and remove floating and fixed renewable energy infrastructure. We provide solutions that can optimise capital and operating expenditure to lower the life-cycle levelised cost of energy (LCOE).

fish farm


Aquaculture has a significant role to play in sustainably feeding the planet and relieving the burden on ecosystems. Acteon provides infrastructure products and services that have direct application for installing, maintaining and removing shallow and deepwater aquaculture facilities.

Oil and gas wellhead platform, Driving under water shooting in low light, productiontubing casing and platform structure with marine growth and rust.

Marine Construction

Marine construction projects will be increasingly needed to support economic growth. Products and services developed by Acteon for the offshore oil and gas industry have direct application in this sector.

Integrity management
E-book download

Subsea Asset Integrity Management Buyers Guide

Data-driven solutions for critical deepwater infrastructure

Operators must have a reliable inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) process to ensure the integrity of their subsea infrastructure. Download this e-book for data-driven solutions that serve critical deepwater infrastructure.



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TerraSond awarded 7th consecutive NOAA contract
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