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and subsea

Industry-leading products and services for the renewable, nearshore construction and oil and gas sectors across all phases of the lifecycle.

The industries we serve

Offshore Wind Farm Foundation Installation Services 851 x 630


Acteon has unrivalled domain expertise in the technologies needed to install, operate, and maintain fixed and floating wind turbines and associated surface and subsea infrastructure. We adopt a factory approach to construction and installation and create engineering solutions that can optimise capital and operating expenditure to lower the life-cycle levellised cost of energy (LCOE).

The plant at night.

Oil & Gas

From installation, through maintenance, to removal of infrastructure, the variety of subsea challenges faced by operators and service companies has never been greater. Acteon creates new and disruptive commercial and technical offerings that reduce costs and increase operational efficiency throughout all phases of the lifecycle.

fish farm


Aquaculture has a significant role to play in sustainably feeding the planet and relieving the burden on ecosystems. Acteon provides infrastructure products and services that have direct application for installing, maintaining and removing shallow and deepwater aquaculture facilities.

Drilling and Pile installation services

Nearshore Construction

Nearshore marine construction projects will be increasingly needed to support economic growth. Products and services developed by Acteon for the offshore oil and gas industry have direct application in this sector.


Siemens Gamesa and Acteon partner on Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind pilot project
Siemens Gamesa and Acteon partner on Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind pilot project
Siemens Gamesa has entered into an agreement with Acteon to jointly provide a fully integrated offshore wind turbine operations and maintenance (O&M) package for the Coastal...
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    This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Decommissioning and Abandonment Summit 2020 took place virtually on August 25, 2020. The event gathered over 20 speakers and over...
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  • Bill Curtin joins Acteon as TerraSond managing director
    Acteon Group Ltd announce that Bill Curtin is joining as the managing director of geospatial solutions company TerraSond.
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Risers and conductors / Engineering / Umbilicals and powerlines / Pipelines and flowlines / Drilling and wells / Foundations and moorings / Subsea production systems / Monitoring / Analytics and interpretation / Surveying

The products, tools and equipment that we sell, rent or operate and the services we provide by using them are all applied to physical infrastructure. Our deep-domain expertise; management and processing of raw and interpreted data; utilisation of planning, engineering and project management skills; and training services are all applied to deliver knowledge-based insights into our customers’ subsea activities.


We create solutions to complex marine and subsea challenges by combining products and services through customer-specific integrated services in the following areas.

Construction Windfarm Image


Solutions for the pre-development and development project phases

Whether you have a jetty, a conductor or a wind turbine to install, Acteon can help to cut your costs and deliver infrastructure quickly.


Integrity management

Solutions for the operating and late-life project phases

Acteon can help to safeguard the integrity of your offshore assets to maintain or extend output and protect your workforce, investment and reputation, and the environment.



Solutions for the decommissioning and post-abandonment project phases

From hydrocarbon production facilities to wind turbines, Acteon aims to reduce the cost of decommissioning by thinking differently and developing alternative approaches and new technologies.

Acteon - a single point of contact

A single point of contact under a single contract

The Acteon field life service team

The Acteon field life service team is your first point of contact for integrated solutions and innovative technical strategies. A delivery team lead manages relationships and collaboration with and between the Acteon operating companies and the other service providers through an interface who is often a specialist based in our customer’s office.

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Offshore renewables buyers guide

Smart, standardised infrastructure solutions.

As an offshore renewable energy developer, you must overcome significant technical and commercial complexity to realise the potential of nature’s resources. Your business success relies on driving the levellised cost of energy (LCoE) as low as possible and navigating a series of critical activities to realise project value.