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Throughout 2020 Acteon and our operating companies will exhibit and attend a range of global events which are relevant to the industries we serve.

For more information or to book a meeting with a representative at any of the events, please email


Event: Deepwater NACE Corrosion 2020

Description: Attendees can plan their day around a wide variety of conference offerings such as a symposia presentation on the latest corrosion prevention techniques, a forum discussion about best practices for corrosion mitigation, or a committee meeting to hear about current and upcoming NACE standards.

Where: Houston, Texas

When: 15-19 March (Postponed due to COVID-19 until 14-18 June 2020)

Operating Companies: Deepwater

Event: Oceanology 2020

Description: 500+ exhibitors will join the celebration in the only event that brings together the three key players in the industry: businesses, academics and government. Live demonstrations and interactive seminars accompany a host of new features to be announced soon.

Where: London, Excel, UK

When: 17 – 19 March (Postponed due to COVID-19 until December 2020)

Operating Companies: Seatronics

Event: International Partnering Forum in Providence

Description: The Business Network for Offshore Wind’s International Partnering Forum (IPF) is the leading technical conference for offshore wind in the United States and is dedicated to moving the industry forward. Offshore wind brings new revenue streams and thousands of jobs to the US. The two and a half days are packed with a cutting-edge educational program, top-notch exhibitors and abundant networking opportunities.

Where: Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI, USA

When: 21 – 24 April

Operating Companies: MENCK

Event: WindEnergy Hamburg

Description: WindEnergy Hamburg is wholly tailored toward addressing the major issues facing the international wind energy sector. It brings together a high-caliber, professional audience and 1,400 exhibitors demonstrating their innovations and solutions from across the entire value chain of the industry. Key players will be in the spotlight in every hall.

Where: The Hamburg Fair site, Germany

When: 22 – 25 September

Operating Companies: MENCK, Core, Deepwater, LDD, LM Handling


Operating Companies
Shallow and Deepwater Mexico Mexico 24 – 26 March Aquatic
DecomWorld Houston, TX, USA 30 March – 1 April (POSTPONED until tbc) InterMoor, Claxton
Machine Learning Oil and Gas Houston, TX, USA 14 – 16 April (POSTPONED until 9 – 11 Nov 2020) Clarus
OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) Houston, TX, USA 4 – 7 May (Cancelled due to COVID-19) Aquatic
NOIA Conference Canada St. John’s NL, Canada 1-4 June (POSTPONED until 9 – 11 Nov 2020) UTEC
Seaworks Southampton, UK 9 – 11 June (POSTPONED until tbc) LDD
Global Offshore Wind Manchester Central, UK 16 – 17 June (POSTPONED until 27-28 Oct 2020) tbc
Subsea Ops Conference Haugesund, Norway 7 – 8 August Claxton
Offshore Decom St. Andrews Scotland, UK 23 – 25 November Claxton