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Moorings and anchors

Bruce Anchor

Performance through innovation

Bruce Anchor is a sub-brand in the moorings and anchors business line

Acteon operates five business lines to more effectively service the needs of our customers.

Drag embedment anchors and chain tensioners by Bruce Anchor

Founded in 1972, Bruce Anchor is a leading designer and supplier of drag-embedment anchors and associated equipment to the oil & gas and offshore renewable energy industries.

Bruce Anchor designs and fabricates drag embedment anchors to fit a variety of offshore soil and loading conditions. They also provide a range of ring chasers, tensioner, and chase stopper to facilitate mooring systems installation and recovery. The Bruce range of anchors and associated equipment are suitable and have been applied to various mooring applications, from the oil and gas sector to the renewable energy industries, as well as other offshore mooring functions such as single buoy moorings, typhoon moorings, dredgers, and more.

Our strong commitment to research and development allows us to design and develop the next generation of anchoring technologies and to offer our customers a superior choice – bespoke, suitable, cost-effective solutions for their mooring needs, instead of what is simply ‘standard’.

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