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Moorings and anchors


Acteon is recognised as a global leader in mooring and anchor life-cycle management for floating energy infrastructure.

Our mooring and installation services save time and reduce project footprints, costs and risks for temporary and permanent systems.

We offer anchor and mooring system construction; marine mooring sales and rental; floating infrastructure positioning and hooking up; mooring installation and inspection; maintenance, repair and replacement services; and late-life disposal services.

Our track record covers temporary moorings for semisubmersibles, barges and jackups, and permanent moorings for the oil and gas and offshore renewable energy industries. We are building efficient, industrialised solutions for repeatability in floating offshore wind projects.

Minimising vessel costs is key to optimising projects. We design bespoke, fit-for-purpose solutions that minimise costs, including suction-embedded anchor systems that enable the deployment of multiple anchors in one sailing.

Costs and risks are also reduced through supply chain procurement expertise, a data warehouse of mooring designs, and domain knowledge that encompasses everything from initial engineering design and marine installation through to asset management and decommissioning.


Local focus, global reach

Our global network of shore bases offers logistical proximity and rapid project mobilisation capacity in all the major offshore markets.


Driving decarbonisation

We optimise logistics and identify local solutions to reduce project footprints and environmental impacts across the value chain.


Customisation and integration

We provide technical consultancy and custom-built systems for oil and gas and renewable energy projects across the asset life cycle.



Acteon’s bases are strategically positioned to offer local coverage in all the major offshore energy markets. This means that our operations are fully aligned with each customer’s local strategy and project timelines.

A global network with a local focus

Our global network of shore bases provides logistical proximity and project mobilisation capacity for all marine-related activity. These bases ensure that our customers have fast and reliable access to premium-quality chains, anchors, wire and polyester ropes, and other mooring components. We have moored an enormous range of asset types in all water depths and every part of the world.

A key part of our success is an ability to leverage local content. There are clear benefits, both in terms of logistics and reduced environmental impact, in using locally trained personnel and equipment. Our operations are fully aligned with each customer’s local strategy and project timelines. As part of this approach, we work to optimise local and regional supply chains and to develop collaborative partnerships with local suppliers.

Decarbonisation and cost reduction for projects

Our bespoke, fit-for-purpose solutions minimise vessel costs, promote vessel efficiency and include a system that enables deployment of multiple anchors in a single sailing and avoids double-handling mooring solutions. Our extensive mooring track record means we can drive down costs by designing mooring solutions for industrial-scale and repeatability. We apply artificial intelligence (AI) efficiencies across the value chain, including developing new technologies such as remote-controlled mooring connectors, thereby improving asset integrity forecasting and enhancing system monitoring.

We use standardised equipment to simplify design, logistics and offshore installation. Our remotely operated, low-impact inspection services and predictive maintenance schedules reduce the need to recover moorings to land for physical inspection. In addition, we make use of smaller, locally available vessels to optimise logistical services.

Custom-built systems for all life-cycle phases

Our expertise extends across every phase of a project’s life cycle, from anchor and mooring construction through to late life and disposal services. We integrate project delivery by providing technical consultancy and custom-built systems, from initial mooring through asset maintenance and on to decommissioning. One example of this is our work on the Innovator FPU. Our lean systems engineering capability and our experience of complex projects have enabled us to package hundreds of systems for the oil and gas industry that include design, fabrication, integration, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Our track record and expertise are now extending to floating renewable energy projects such as the customised mooring system and installation procedures we devised for the OPT wave energy converter.

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Acteon’s solid domain knowledge in mooring design and offshore mooring operations spans the globe. We have installed some of the largest offshore assets in all water depths. We provide an integrated service covering the entire project lifecycle, from engineering, mooring design, procurement, and installation, through to maintenance and decommissioning.

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