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Acteon Moorings and anchors Specialisms Mooring Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

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Mooring Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

Inspection, maintenance, repair and data management services for mooring integrity

Acteon applies its expertise in installing, monitoring and repairing mooring systems to provide reliable life-of-field mooring services, solve integrity issues and enable its customers to meet regulatory standards.

We have developed digitalised maintenance solutions that provide predictive analysis of equipment life cycles. We use photogrammetry and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspections to collect in-situ performance data. Our digital inventory management system, coupled with data management of information from the floating asset, enables us to manage and retain key information throughout a project’s life cycle, thereby enhancing planned maintenance schedules.

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Solving your most pressing challenges

We offer specialist support in all aspects of integrated mooring services, from in-house engineering and project management through to providing equipment and installation, inspection and repair. We monitor the integrity of assets by providing integrated mooring technology, planned maintenance, data management, inspection services, repair and replacement, thereby leading to efficient life extension or decommissioning.

How can we quickly assess integrity and risk following an unplanned event?


We perform comprehensive subsea assessments to evaluate system condition. Our rapid response service optimises asset uptime and can enable continued operation.


  • We have executed response plans for decades, including 27 mooring failure responses in the past 10 years.
  • Using a variety of inspection tools, we work closely with customers to develop data-driven procedures and fast and cost-effective remedial action plans. These plans are designed around the equipment available on the market.
  • Our global network of primary-support shore bases enables us to respond locally and to deliver the most efficient solution. Purpose-built, mobile chain-inspection units can be quickly deployed to any location.

READ THE CASE STUDY Chain removal completed on a major platform without the use of an AHV

How can we avoid mooring line failure and premature mooring replacements?


Acteon monitors the integrity of customers’ mooring systems and ensures proper data management, maintenance, inspection and repair or replacement, as needed.


  • We use ROV inspection and rigorous data storage and management techniques to maintain a history for each asset.
  • We offer a chain inspection service that covers all chain grades and sizes, under all classifications. Inspection and repair units enable chain studs to be pressed and inspected using magnetic particle inspection. This enables repaired and certified chain to be reinstalled instead of using a costly replacement.
  • For permanently moored systems and floating storage, production and offloading facilities, we provide a 3D photogrammetric system that enables precise measurement of chains to be made on location.

READ THE CASE STUDY Successful GP III FPSO mooring chain inspection without interruption of production


How can we ensure that our operations stay compliant throughout the life of the asset?


At Acteon, we apply regulatory standards throughout the life cycle of each mooring system, from design through to data management, inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement of any part.


  • We adhere to all the major class society requirements, including DNV, ABS, Bureau Veritas and Lloyd’s.
  • Acteon’s inspection procedures are aligned with approved performance management system and regulatory requirements.
  • Our team of highly experienced senior surveyors and chain inspectors works to class standards.
  • ChainCo, our chain inspection service, is accredited as a service supplier for complete periodical surveys of mooring chain for mobile offshore units in accordance with a DNV approved programme.
  • We also maintain ISO 45001 compliance at all stages of asset management. We manage many assets and can offer logistics solutions that significantly reduce carbon footprints through volume effects.


READ THE CASE STUDY Successful GP III FPSO mooring chain inspection without interruption of production

Can you help us to manage mooring system data?


We set up mooring integrity management programmes that cover regular inspection, optimised maintenance routines and analytical prediction of probability of failure.


  • Acteon manages environmental, seabed and location-specific data on a global basis. Our digital data management ensures security and cost efficiency; the information is readily available from each of our local bases.
  • We have an unrivalled equipment and vessel data management system built on a 30-year track record of installation and mooring equipment management services.
  • Our iCue portal holds all asset, design, fabrication, installation and operational information in one place accessible in five clicks. The software, which can be associated with digital-twin technology, has data intelligence capabilities that can identify anomalies and maintenance needs.

READ THE CASE STUDY Successful GP III FPSO mooring chain inspection without interruption of production

Moorings and Anchors specialisms

Acteon is a global leader in mooring and anchor life-cycle management for floating energy infrastructure. Serving the marine energy infrastructure with a complete range of mooring and installation services combined with engineering intelligence to deliver an optimised solution, we reduce time, footprint, cost and risk for temporary and permanent moorings.

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Late-life and end-of-life mooring track record

Extensive experience in end-of-life and life extension mooring work from chain inspection to mooring line replacement and full IMR plans.

Access our late-life and end-of-life mooring track record and see which projects have benefited from our mooring integrity services. We offer a worldwide integrated service, including chain inspection, mooring line repair, mooring system data management and analysis, and offshore operations, that prolong the life of floating assets and deliver safe end-of-life solutions. 

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