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Largest inventory of mooring equipment, technology and global network of shore bases

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We maintain the largest inventory of mooring equipment and technology. Our global network of shore bases is strategically positioned around the world and aligned with out customers' localisation strategy and timeline. Leveraging our inventory and mature local supply chain partnerships ensures availability and logistical efficiency.

Whether you are mooring a floating wind turbine, a wave converter or an oil rig, mooring engineering and design are integral parts of our complete solution that enable us to choose the right fit-for-purpose equipment and installation procedures.

Integration and access to the right combination of equipment close to where you need it help to reduce mobilisation times, carbon emissions and environmental footprints. Our bespoke mooring solutions can include mooring integrity plans and regular inspection schedules, and we work in partnership with other Acteon segments to provide mooring integrity measurement tools and corrosion prevention services.

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Solving your most pressing challenges

Acteon provides 24/7 access to the largest, and most reliable, global inventory of equipment for sale or rental combining innovation, logistical expertise and engineering experience to solve any mooring challenge.

Can you help me re-use one of my existing well slots to extend the life of my production for the field?

Acteon Solution

We hold mooring inventory at all the strategic energy hubs around the world and have the logistical capabilities to mobilise it quickly.

Proof Points

  • We hold a wide range of premium-quality mooring equipment – from chain to wire rope, synthetic rope, anchors, grapnels, chasers and other mooring jewellery – at the major offshore centres around the world.
  • Our shore bases provide 24/7 service and have the heavy-lift capabilities, quay access and dedicated on-site personnel to provide priority berthing for fast mobilisation and demobilisation.
  • In Norway alone, we handle an average of 1500 anchors and 1 million metres of chain each year.

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How can I be assured of the quality of the mooring equipment?

Acteon Solution

We have the necessary procedures in place to audit our suppliers and constantly verify the integrity of our equipment.

Proof Points

  • We maintain our mooring equipment to DNV standards as a minimum and often go beyond recommended inspection routines for sensitive equipment such as connectors.
  • Our equipment is fitted with traceable tags. We provide easy cloud-based access to equipment certificates of conformity and other relevant tracking documents.
  • We carefully audit our suppliers, and our own inspectors verify the manufacturing process and follow the production of our equipment at the suppliers’ sites until completion.
  • All our mooring equipment facilities around the world are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001 compliant.
  • We are part of the recognised Achilles procurement database.

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How can I ensure equipment reliability in the field?

Acteon Solution

We apply the highest standards to our mooring designs and technology developments to ensure our latest designs are suitable for the harshest environments in which the energy industry is working.

Proof Points

  • Our “fit, form and function” process for each equipment selection ensures the reliable compatibility of all the mooring components.
  • Each piece of our mooring equipment goes through non-destructive examination and proof/break load tests.
  • All our equipment is ABS and DNV approved, and much of it exceeds industry standards.

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Can you tailor your equipment to the needs of my project?

Acteon Solution

We customise the size and design of our equipment, from anchors to grapnels, to fit the requirements of each project.

Proof Points

  • We integrate equipment availability as a variable in our mooring system design.
  • For each project, we give you the choice to rent or purchase equipment to best fit your needs.
  • All our proprietary anchors can be designed, tailored and fabricated to suit regional and project requirements.
  • We routinely add additional ballast to our drag anchors if necessary for hard seabed or quick penetration.
  • For installation, we strive to incorporate client equipment such as boats into our mooring designs and we have successfully used smaller anchor-handling vessels for permanent mooring installations.

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Moorings and Anchors specialisms

Acteon is a global leader in mooring and anchor life-cycle management for floating energy infrastructure. Serving the marine energy infrastructure with a complete range of mooring and installation services combined with engineering intelligence to deliver an optimised solution, we reduce time, footprint, cost and risk for temporary and permanent moorings.