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Acteon has unrivalled domain expertise in the technologies needed to install, operate, and maintain fixed and floating wind turbines and associated surface and subsea infrastructure.

We adopt a factory approach to construction and installation and create engineering solutions that can optimise capital and operating expenditure to lower the life-cycle levellised cost of energy (LCOE).

Acteon offers proven and innovative marine and subsea solutions to the offshore renewable energy sector. Our deep cross-disciplinary understanding of the connections between key aspects of design, engineering, installation and operations underpins how we integrate our services and industrialise their delivery.

Our renewable energy solutions offer combinations of our operating companies’ products and services that we integrate to achieve each customer’s specific objectives. Integration is how we create synergies and manage the safe delivery of a project to minimise the risks and costs.

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Renewables fixed construction

As the industry moves towards larger turbines and deeper water, the demand for more efficient substructure installation increases. Whether driven, drilled or suction-embedded, jacket or monopile, we can engineer and install most fixed foundation capacities.

Acteon brings well-proven approaches to transforming project economics and operational efficiency to the renewables sector. We drive down the LCOE by providing a single interface for a wide range of speciality services and equipment for foundations including hydraulic pile driving and drilling solutions, offshore grouting services; and heavy-duty logistics and handling equipment.

Acteon provides integrated drilling and driving foundation solutions, customised to each jacket project. Wind turbine monopile foundation installation services are Acteon’s preferred method for wind farms with special requirements on pile handling and adjustment. Whether it’s wave or marine current converters, Acteon can install fixed foundation offshore assets.

Renewables floating construction

With 80% of the ocean’s potential for offshore wind in deep waters, the push towards more floating wind turbines increases. Acteon provides a single interface and a holistic structural approach for a wide range of speciality services and equipment from front-end engineering (FEED) to mooring services and other marine operations such as towing and cable layout. Truly joining up aspects of life-cycle engineering to optimise all phases and account for cause and effect throughout the project, allows us to deliver the lowest LCOE.

Acteon provides innovative design and specialist engineering services to ensure complete project solutions. Acteon’s extensive mooring domain knowledge and experience applies to a wide breadth of wind projects. Our marine operations cover the entire project from quayside operations to towing to offshore mooring and cable laying.

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Solutions for the pre-development and development project phases

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