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Clarus is an independent subsea integrity engineering services provider, established by riser engineering experts, 2H Offshore. Clarus aims to maximise production uptime by using efficient IM processes and providing clear information about condition and performance capabilities of offshore assets.

The Clarus approach enables informed, confident decisions about subsea integrity in compliance with performance objectives.

The Clarus integrity management team have gained over a decade of subsea expertise and pioneered many of the standards, tools and methods used extensively in offshore integrity today. The team, the processes and the expertise at Clarus Subsea Integrity offer a focussed engineering approach to subsea integrity management, covering all in-water equipment, whilst maintaining high-level technical expertise and customer focussed approach carried across from 2H Offshore.

Key services

  • Subsea integrity planning
  • Subsea inspections
  • Corrosion assessments
  • Subsea condition monitoring
  • Life extension and fitness for service
  • Data management tools.
15990 North Barkers Landing
Suite 200 Houston
TX 77079

Products by Clarus

Acteon Solutions

Customer-specific solutions comprising a combination of products and services packaged as an integrated service.

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