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Subsea offshore inspection support

Clarus Subsea Offshore Inspection Support

Acteon develops inspection customised checklists for subsea assets which include detailed procedure for conducting inspections.

They are designed to be completed offshore and allow for ease of identification of features or changes in condition of components.

Subsea offshore inspection report checklists from Acteon include:

  • Detailed inspection procedure for remotely operated vehicle (ROV), GVI survey and CP measurements for each type of subsea component
  • Anomaly specific tasks (to be included as part of the inspection procedures).

Checklists are available in document form or digitally via Acteon’s tablet-based offshore inspection app that automatically syncs to our data management software, iCUE.

Delivered by Clarus

Clarus is an independent global provider of subsea integrity engineering services, aimed at maximising production uptime of offshore assets.

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