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Big Offshore wind-farm with transfer vessel

We have installed more than 2500 foundations for offshore wind turbines over the past decade.

At Acteon, we engineer and install most types of fixed foundations, including driven, drilled or suction-embedded jackets and monopiles.

For fixed renewable energy projects, we integrate surveying, engineering, lifting and handling, drilling, driving and grouting, and manage all of these through a single interface. This approach creates synergies and facilitates safe, timely and cost-effective delivery across all the phases of a development.

We combine specialised products and services to design and engineer the best solution for a wind turbine project. We have a large fleet of rental hammers, ranging from 100 to 4400 kJ, and an extensive inventory of drilling equipment. This capacity, backed by years of experience and knowledge of local markets, helps us to reduce project footprints and deliver exactly what our customers need.

We are introducing leaner processes to increase cost efficiency and establish a more industrialised way of delivering fixed renewables projects.


Driving down the cost of wind farm development

We optimise design and installation activities and improve scheduling and resource utilisation to reduce project footprints and minimise costs.

Noise Mitigation System from MENCK

Noise reduction to ensure continuous drivability

Noise mitigation systems in our hammers, combined with topside noise reduction, ensure continuous drivability, while helping customers to achieve their environmental goals.

Remote management options

Technologies to reduce a project’s carbon footprint

Adopting alternative methods, such as using autonomous underwater vehicles for large seabed surveys, can reduce project costs and carbon footprints.

Over the past 25 years, Acteon has been involved in more than half of all the offshore renewable energy projects worldwide. This experience helps us to understand each customer’s challenges and to deliver insights, technical solutions and efficiencies that enhance project outcomes.

Driving down costs: Optimisation through early involvement

By bringing Acteon in at the start of a fixed renewables project, customers gain access to the widest scope of skills and expertise and can more easily achieve their project objectives. For example, our foundations experts can help to lower project costs by optimising designs, conducting constructability reviews and identifying potential ocean and seafloor condition issues. We design solutions to optimise asset integrity, constructability and facilities management, and our innovative installation methods can help to ease logistical challenges, deliver scheduling efficiencies and reduce deck footprints and costs.

Through surveying, foundation-installation, engineering and cable-laying activities, Acteon has gained more than 25 years of experience in all regions and at all water depths, which help us to deliver insights, technical solutions and efficiencies that enhance project outcomes.

Overcoming environmental barriers

We are fully committed to minimising the environmental impacts of development work for fixed renewables projects and understand the importance of issues such as piling noise and ecosystem disturbance.

In response to the needs of industry and regulatory requirements, we have developed a technical solution that addresses the challenges of environmental noise. Our installation solutions are all designed with world-leading noise-mitigation technologies. These systems are integrated into our hammers and change their force characteristics to reduce noise before it transfers to the water. Combined with our patented topside noise-reduction techniques, these systems can reduce the sound emissions around a pile by up to 65%. Controlling noise in this way makes it easier to keep operations within regulation limits and drive piles continuously.

Driving decarbonisation and minimising project requirements

We are always seeking to streamline fixed renewable energy tasks and to cut the carbon footprint associated with development work. We do this in every phase of a project, from early stage geo-services through integrity management to decommissioning.

Our focus on this area started with the development of hydraulic piledriving solutions, as alternatives to diesel hammers, to improve factors such as noise level and the efficiency of the energy and blow rate. We also employ assets from our global fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles to reduce the amount of vessel deck space needed and we minimise the number of technicians and amount of equipment required offshore. Changes that enable the use of smaller vessels or minimise time at sea make substantial contributions to cost savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Øresund Offshore Windturbines


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