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Marine Foundations


A global provider of marine foundation solutions

LDD is a sub-brand in the marine foundations business line

Acteon operates five business lines to more effectively service the needs of our customers.

A complete foundation solution, including the provision of the first LDD-designed subsea pre-piling template for offshore wind

Utilising over 30 years of experience, LDD is a global provider of marine foundation solutions.

With expertise spanning across nearshore and offshore industries, the team is passionate about providing the best solutions for your next project. Through their engineering and contracting track record, Large Diameter Drilling (LDD) has established themselves as market leaders in the delivery of marine foundation solutions across the globe. Their expertise and passion to solve problems, drives the design, build, manufacture and operation of a range of equipment to meet project specific challenges.

LDD provides grouting services for offshore foundations in energy industries. The company is also able to apply grout to ageing assets for life extension purposes. This can be to address damage or degradation to offshore structures, increase their load bearing capacity or strengthen corroded and failing conductors. LDD delivers a reliable and safe high-quality service, through a team of experienced engineers and offshore personnel and by investing in innovative, best-in-class equipment including the Rocksteady® lift tool.

LDD provides lifting and handling equipment to customers in energy markets. At the top of their inventory is the StabFrame, which can adjust to varying and shifting soil conditions, stabilising piling in water depths up to 2,000m. In addition to the range of lifting tools and hydraulic release shackles LDD provides, it is developing monopile and transition piece upending and lifting equipment for the offshore renewables market.