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Geotechnical Survey from Benthic

Acteon provides customers with superior geo-data that helps them to gain critical insights and make better-informed design and construction decisions.

Our marine surveys and site characterisation services provide integrated solutions that optimise the design and installation of marine structures.

The capabilities that we offer include engineering and consultancy services; geophysical and geotechnical site investigations; and construction survey support, including expertise in pre- and post-trenching and pipeline alignment surveys.

Customers benefit from our application of machine learning, remote access and advanced processing techniques. We increase productivity by using the portable remotely operated drill (PROD) system, which is the most effective in the industry. We also deploy unmanned surface vessels to cut number of vessel days and personnel on board, thereby reducing project footprints.

Patented Acteon technology enables us to conduct operations in water depths ranging from 20 to 3500 m and we have also developed innovative systems that extend the range of environments in which geotechnical data can be gathered.

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Exceptional sample quality at all depths

We obtain high-quality seabed samples in every environment: from ultra-shallow waters inaccessible to traditional drilling systems to ultradeep waters.

Interpretation expertise

Interpretation expertise adds value to customer data

We deliver survey products quickly and use automated intervention tools to reduce human interaction and deliver high-resolution, real-time data.

Delivering accurate data

Delivering accurate data and thorough interpretations

Our teams deliver information of demonstrable commercial value and help to reduce risk and enhance safety on all types of survey campaigns.



Acteon is committed to lowering the carbon impact of geo-services activities by using remote asset management systems and deploying unmanned surface vessels for survey projects.

Seafloor sampling expertise

At Acteon, our focus is on helping customers to reduce project risks by providing accurate data and understanding of the seabed combined with continuous monitoring to enable life-cycle assessments. We have extensive experience in delivering high-quality geophysical and geotechnical surveys in challenging seabed conditions to ensure that customers have a clear understanding of seafloor structure and composition.

Our sampling and testing capabilities are delivered using recognised brands and proven in-house technologies, including our unique PROD3 seabed drilling and geotechnical testing system, which can switch between piston sampling and rotary coring to maximise productivity, and shallow soil investigation and testing through the GeoROV system. Sampling activities are backed up by a state-of-the-art, in-house technology centre and a geotechnical laboratory that conducts geoscience research and development.

Insights that increase data value

We take an integrated ground model view of the geophysical, geological, geotechnical and oceanographic factors that influence a development project. This includes detailed desktop studies and constructability reviews; foundation design and analysis; trenching and excavation analysis; and pipeline and cable routing advice.

We can process data and deliver our information products quickly. The high degree of automation in our processes provides a 24/7 monitoring capability and ensures that high-resolution data can be delivered in real time. In addition, we offer a turnkey model for telecommunications and broadcast infrastructure site development, maintenance and upgrades using laser scanning data via 3D virtual asset management solutions. Our hydrographic mapping leads the industry in the data acquisition and processing of seafloor mapping information and is trusted by US federal and local government agencies.

Enabling accuracy and efficiency

Acteon engineers and geoscientists draw on years of experience to gather accurate data and produce thorough interpretations. Our expertise covers studies for anchor and suction caissons, mud mats, pipeline foundations, jackup foundations, gravity-based structure foundations, fixed-jacket platforms and other shallow gravity-based structures. The success of offshore developments requires effective collaboration. Our teams work seamlessly across disciplines and with mature supply chain partnerships, as required. They also work with Acteon’s foundations and cables segment to integrate surveys with pile drilling and driving operations.

Digitalisation is another key part of our offering. Through the digital delivery of geophysical data, we help customers to manage fundamental project data. A proprietary virtual asset management solution, iSite, enables clients to manage assets remotely from a desktop, thereby driving down the cost of offshore planning and communication.

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Gain access to superior geo-data for a changing world.

We leverage the expertise of three leading marine survey and site characterisation brands to provide truly integrated solutions: superior geo-data insights enabling the optimisation of the design and installation of marine structures, while ensuring safe and sustainable outcomes for our clients.

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