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Acteon provides specialist support for the design, construction and installation of floating renewable energy projects.

Our service offering covers everything from front-end engineering to mooring services and operations such as towing and cable layout.

Floating renewables developments tend to be large and often complex projects that present significant technical challenges. Early involvement for all the project participants makes it easier to explore the available options and select the most efficient one.

At Acteon, we provide insights across areas such as anchoring, cable laying, installation methods, the mitigation of technical risks and lowering the levellised cost of energy (LCoE). Customers benefit from our pre-front-end engineering design and desktop studies; accurate evaluations of seabed characteristics; floating hull assessments; and advice in areas such as high-level mooring and cable arrangements, installation considerations and preliminary scheduling.

Our focus is always on finding innovative ways to reduce project footprints and overall costs. This is possible through our profound, cross-disciplinary understanding and execution of design and engineering interactions across the project life cycle.

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Finding the most effective solutions in any soil

We can provide detailed understanding of ocean and seafloor conditions and have a record of excellence in deepwater mooring operations.


The skills and experience to deal with larger turbines

We have extensive experience of handling large assets and long cable lengths. This is invaluable when dealing with larger turbines.


Focused on operational efficiency, integrity and safety

We deliver innovative and effective mooring and asset integrity systems for floating renewable energy projects worldwide.

Our focus is always on finding innovative ways to reduce project footprints and overall costs. This is made possible by our profound, cross-disciplinary understanding of design and engineering interactions across the project life cycle.

A detailed understanding of seafloor conditions

We combine geophysical and geotechnical surveys with detailed engineering and data interpretation services to help customers understand the composition and structure of the seafloor. This information is critical for effective pre-engineering design, site characteristics planning and the avoidance of geohazards. Providing geo-services through a single contract eliminates the need for customers to manage separate interfaces with companies providing geophysical and geotechnical surveys, and study integration.

Geophysical results inform the subsequent geotechnical studies, so there are advantages in reviewing both at the same time. For example, an integrated, collaborative approach helps to avoid the need for laborious data reformatting and reduces the risk of data-integrity issues. This enhances efficiency and leads to higher quality data and, ultimately, a more accurate ground model for de-risked and more cost-effective structure designs.

Effective handling of large-scale floating structures

Commercial-scale floating offshore renewable energy projects need practical and cost-effective mooring systems that provide safe and efficient station-keeping. At Acteon, we have a long and successful history of positioning and mooring floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities, floating production units (FPU), large vessels and renewable energy assets in all water depths around the globe.

Our product lines include an extensive range of tensioners and reel drive systems, and we have provided optimised array cable layouts and efficient cable installation support to offshore developments for many years. This includes all kinds of flexible flowlines, umbilicals, cables, wire ropes, coiled tubing and other spoolable products.

Innovative mooring and asset integrity management systems

At Acteon, we have developed a range of innovations, such as remote-positioning technology and pioneering quick-release mooring connectors, that enhance and improve mooring techniques to meet the ever-evolving needs of the marine industry. We have also worked closely with trusted partners to custom design mooring equipment for renewable energy prototype projects, including the Minesto wave energy project and the OPT PowerBuoy wave converter initiative.

We can also provide monitoring systems to ensure that effective data gathering is part of the asset integrity management process and to facilitate future maintenance programmes. Our corrosion prevention services are integral parts of maintaining the structural integrity of offshore assets and we have provided cathodic protection to several wind turbine subsea structures.

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Acteon’s expertise in mooring design and marine installation spans decades. We apply our deep domain expertise to help you choose the best options, from anchoring to cable laying to installation methods, to mitigate technical risks and lower the levellised cost of energy (LCOE).

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