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The three key logistical challenges for floating offshore wind

Challenge 2: Equipment storage and management 

Once delivered and offloaded, mooring equipment needs to be stored while it waits for mobilisation. Knowing the storage footprint is essential, as is tracking, inspecting and maintaining the equipment to ensure that nothing gets misplaced and that everything works perfectly.  

Our solution 

In the UK, for example, InterMoor, a moorings and anchors brand in Acteon’s Engineering, Moorings and Foundations division, has a total of 37,000 m2 of dedicated quayside storage split between Montrose (25,000 m2) and Aberdeen (12,000 m2). The stock holding is currently the largest in the world and includes 

  • 130 km of mooring chain and rope 
  • 18 client-owned full mooring systems 
  • 80 anchors 
  • 16 km of polyester rope, accessories and connectors. 

At each yard, our experienced equipment handlers ensure that every piece of equipment is logged, tracked and arranged to optimise mobilisation times. We can also inspect and maintain equipment as well as arrange manufacturing for any extra pieces of equipment that may be needed. Not sure how much storage you need? Send us your mooring design and we will calculate it for you.



Challenge 3: Mobilisation and installation 

At up to $80,000 per day, vessel time is expensive, so any time saved can amount to large financial benefits. The efficiency of mobilising and installing full mooring systems reflects the preparation of equipment, personnel expertise and the proximity of a storage facility to the vessels. 

Our solution 

Our equipment handlers are experts in loading and unloading mooring equipment to and from vessels – a process streamlined by our quayside storage yards having direct access to vessel loading points as well as the necessary cranes and lifting equipment. 

With the equipment already arranged and stored with mobilisation in mind, our staff ensures that everything is loaded in the correct order to optimise back deck space and enable quicker and safer offshore offloading and installation. Moreover, the specialist team that moves the chain on the quayside also goes offshore to unload and install each mooring system – they run the whole operation from start to finish.  

Understanding the logistical challenges of installing and maintaining floating wind farms is essential to ensure that projects run on schedule and within costs. Speaking to the right experts is the first important step.  

Find out more about our industry-leading mooring solutions and logistical services. 


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