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No member of staff should have suffered injury or have caused harm to anyone else in any way during their working shift. Acteon’s vision is to achieve zero harm through¬† the effective management of safety in all aspects of our operations. This means that it is unacceptable for people to be injured while working for us and that all employees should return home fit and well at the end of each shift. Acteon believes that the operations of its group should have fundamentally safe, well-designed plant, equipment and infrastructure with robust, risk-based safety management systems driving desired outcomes and behaviours.


Three fundamental safety principles underpin this vision and set out the desired culture and expected behaviours and performance standards throughout our organisation.


Culture Learning Standards
Zero mindset No repeats Simple non-negotiable standards
We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. Acteon is responsible for preventing and correcting unsafe behaviour or work conditions. All unsafe practices and incidents will be investigated to determine what happened and why. All the necessary steps will be taken to prevent recurrence. We will adopt a regulated, simple set of non-negotiable standards and rules throughout the group. Management at all levels has the responsibility for implementing and maintaining the standards and rules.
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We hold our leaders accountable for safety of our people. Acteon expects its managers and supervisors to provide safety effective leadership while recognising that good safety behaviour is the responsibility of all who work for the group. The management of every business or operation is responsible for the full implementation and management of a sustainable and auditable safety management system in-line with “The Acteon way: Safety management”. This requires appropriate resources and training, education, consultation and auditing. We commit to open communication with our employees, contractors, suppliers, clients, visitors, business partners and interested third parties to encourage a safe culture that reflects the intent of the Acteon group. We will set appropriate objectives and monitor progress against these to ensure continual improvement towards our goal.


The Acteon safety standards aim to:

  • Support the realisation of the safety vision and the implementation of the safety principles and policy
  • Provide or support a framework for a risk-based approach to safety management that aligns with The Acteon Way: Business Risk Management model
  • Set out and formalise the expectation for progressive development and implementation of more specific and detailed safety management systems across all levels of group
  • Provide clear, auditable criteria against which safety management systems can be assessed across all Acteon operations
  • Provide a basis to drive continual improvements towards leading industrial practice.