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Risk based inspection planning

Clarus Risk Based Inspection Planning

Acteon uses a risk-based inspection planning approach to prioritise subsea equipment inspections and optimise resource utilisation. Inspection work scopes are developed using knowledge of equipment design, applicable failure mechanisms, operational history, relevant inspection technologies and industry best practices.

Component specific inspection checklists and datasheets are developed with an aim to gather relevant equipment condition data.

The engineering assessment of inspection results follows a progressive approach with the following key elements:

  • Identify observations
  • Assess potential risks
  • Perform engineering assessment
  • Recommend options to move forward.

The end goal from an effective offshore inspection and engineering assessment of the inspection data is to assist the operator in determining fitness for service of the equipment, confirm the effectiveness of equipment barriers and increase the knowledge of the operational conditions.

Delivered by Clarus

Clarus is an independent global provider of subsea integrity engineering services, aimed at maximising production uptime of offshore assets.

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Acteon’s asset integrity and monitoring solutions are designed to help our clients carry out diagnostic and remediation work including further monitoring/deep dive and the provision of proprietary retrofit cathodic protection CP packages suitable across a wide range of applications in marine energy and marine infrastructure markets.

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