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Moorings and anchors


A world leader in mooring technology

InterMoor is a brand in the moorings and anchors segment

Acteon operates three divisions to more effectively service the needs of our customers.

InterMoor is a registered member of the International Marine Contractors Association, ISNetWorld and Achilles, an oil and gas industry supply chain database.

InterMoor is a SEQual registered supplier. Types of capability information include business offering, operational practices, certifications, volumes of work undertaken, and geographic capabilities.

InterMoor Ltd is also Fit for offshore renewables (F4OR) accredited.

Our 2023 report on The Transparency Act.

InterMoor Inc., InterMoor A/S, and InterMoor UK are ISO 45001:2018 certified.

InterMoor’s facilities in Norway, the UK and Morgan City in the US are ISO 14001 certified.

QHSE Certificates

A/S ISO 14001:2015 28 Apr 2024

A/S ISO 45001:2018 28 Apr 2024

A/S ISO 9001:2015 28 Apr 2024

UK ISO 45001:2018 21 Jan 2025

UK ISO 14001:2015 21 Jan 2025

UK ISO 9001:2015 21 Jan 2025

UK Class Programme DNVGL-CP-0484 2 Dec 2024

US ISO 9001:2015 5 Jul 2025

US ISO 45001:2018 5 Jul 2025

US ISO 14001:2015 5 Jul 2025

US ISO 37001:2016 9 Feb 2026