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Mooring Design Engineering & Analysis from InterMoor

InterMoor has designed, analysed, installed, and recovered hundreds of temporary mooring systems for all types of floating vessels using a variety of anchor handler vessels (AHVs) worldwide.

InterMoor’s engineers are rigorously trained to facilitate our offering of a comprehensive set of temporary mooring services.

Temporary mooring engineers perform dynamic mooring and installation analyses and risk assessments with proven and qualified software applications (i.e. GMoor32 by Global Maritime, MoorVision and QMoor). They plan offshore operations, write procedures, and define job specific mooring components and installation aids to ultimately go offshore and oversee the installation and recovery operations. This broad range of experience enables our engineers to efficiently design, deliver and accurately install safe and reliable temporary mooring solutions.

The majority of temporary mooring projects involve:

  • Mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs)
  • Tender assist drilling units (TADUs)
  • Accommodations and installation barges
  • Extended well test barges
  • Salvage barges
  • Supply boat stand-by systems
  • Supply boat back-down systems.

Delivered by InterMoor

InterMoor designs, supplies and deploys technically advanced mooring systems and provides rig-move and back-of-the-boat installation services worldwide.

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Acteon solutions can simplify the interface between Acteon and customers that need more than one of its operating companies’ products or services to address their subsea challenges, whatever their scale and complexity. Each combination is packaged as a customer-specific integrated service and delivered through a single Acteon point of contact under a single contract.

Integrity management
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Subsea Asset Integrity Management Buyers Guide

Data-driven solutions for critical deepwater infrastructure

Operators must have a reliable inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) process to ensure the integrity of their subsea infrastructure. Download this e-book for data-driven solutions that serve critical deepwater infrastructure.


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