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2H Offshore - Qualification Testing

2H conducts qualification testing of components and fabrication methods typically as part of their activity as a riser integration specialist.

Qualification testing capability is focused around two key areas of expertise; that of industry codes and standards and 2H’s knowledge of testing equipment.

2H has helped to define, plan and perform successful qualification testing on a variety of components including taper stress joints, buoyancy modules, mechanical connections, welded connections and the associated inspection systems, tensioning systems, monitoring systems and managed pressure drilling riser components.

The company’s experience extends from high strength metallic materials to non-metallic materials used in seals, coatings and monitoring.

Delivered by 2H Offshore

2H Offshore specialises in the engineering design, monitoring and integrity management of offshore risers and conductors. Their international scope covers shallow and deepwater applications that demand the highest levels of design integrity.

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Integrity management
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Subsea Asset Integrity Management Buyers Guide

Data-driven solutions for critical deepwater infrastructure

Operators must have a reliable inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) process to ensure the integrity of their subsea infrastructure. Download this e-book for data-driven solutions that serve critical deepwater infrastructure.


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