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Deep sea mining engineering

Deep Sea Mining from 2H Offshore

Acteon are experts in deepwater riser engineering which allows them to help in a number of deep-sea mining riser development projects around the world.

Seabed mining is receiving increasing global interest as a cost-effective means to recover polymetallic minerals.

Acteon are engaged in several deep-sea mining riser developments. These projects aim to extract eSMS (extinct seabed massive sulphide), SMnN (seabed manganese nodules) and other minerals from a wide range of water depths, in quite unknown environmental conditions using different riser configurations.

The riser that has to follow a seabed mining crawler presents design challenges not only in terms of water depth, but also a free-hanging, un-tensioned state of the riser which exhibits higher motion response compared to risers that are fixed to the seabed. Acteon has the extensive relevant experience of this type of system gained from installation engineering of deepwater risers.

Delivered by 2H Offshore

2H Offshore is a global engineering contractor specialising in the design, structural analysis and integrity management of offshore energy systems.

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Acteon can also offer an integrated project management service. This involves managing the activities of one or more of our companies on a customer’s behalf and providing a single point of contact for all aspects of project management.

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Through the unrivalled domain engineering expertise through our independent brand 2H, Acteon ensures not only cost-efficient innovative offshore installation methods but also asset performance and duration. Our highly qualified team’s scope covers renewable and conventional energy globally that demand the highest levels of design integrity 

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