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Foundation installation services


Impact Pile Installation

Acteon has been leading the global technology development and capability on driven and drilled marine foundations for decades, with the world’s largest and most capable impact hammer on the market, and unprecedented noise mitigation technology.

With a history in product innovation that continuously provides optimum pile installation equipment for future foundation piles Acteon’s in-house design and geotechnical competencies combined with dedicated operator and project management personnel. This enables us to provide a single point of contact with a holistic view on project deliverables where we can foresee and mitigate operational and environmental challenges for fast and consistent execution. 

Customers benefit from real-time data integration for a complete lifecycle; we provide data-driven insights through smart sensor technology and machine analytics enabling condition-based monitoring and improving operation performance, which results in an overall reduction in downtime while improving efficiency. The remote access to our equipment in the field reduces operational risks and mobilisations, driving the cost out of planning, communication, and troubleshooting. 

Solving your most pressing challenges

Acteon helps customers to minimise the total cost and impact of their operations by combining acknowledged technologies using smart integration to overcome challenges such as soil conditions.

How do you minimise the environmental impact of your services?

Acteon solution 

Through a single point of contact, Acteon provides safe, effective pile installation that adheres to corporate requirements and regulatory or regional noise guidelines, ensuring that project interfaces are simplified and all environmental impacts are minimised. 

Proof points 

  • We utilise equipment to reduce project operational and vessel time including the largest grout mixer on the market to maximise grout delivery speed; multi-equipment handling tooling to reduce sling handling; and the optimal hammer for the job to minimise noise. 
  • Our noise reduction unit reduces peak force and lowers impact frequency on piling operations. The system is active rather than passive; reducing the noise before it develops rather than mitigating noise after it happens for minimal environmental impact. 
  • Modular equipment design enables localised assembly and on-site maintenance to reduce the use of bulk vessels and allow the use of smaller vessels which reduces cost and carbon emissions. 
  • We have strategically located site crews, project managers, and equipment across the globe to minimise mobilisation time and distance. We also use globally recognised suppliers through local supply chain networks where required to ensure quality and reliability and maximise equipment uptime. 

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DEME saves critical vessel time with grouting solution

How is Acteon going to meet future demands of the market?

Acteon solution 

Acteon’s priority is to provide strategically located optimal equipment at the right time for upcoming projects. We are continuously developing the tooling to ensure that the next generation of larger foundations can be reliably and cost-effectively installed. 

Proof points 

  • We identify bottlenecks in existing installation processes and use findings to develop new technology to address future challenges. For example, we have developed a larger internal lifting tool, subsea drill, and hammer; developed our noise mitigation unit, and integrated vibro installation and impact driving; all to optimise installation, reduce environmental impact, and overall project time. 
  • Contribute to cycle time reduction between monopiles through optimising equipment performance, for example, integration of tools to reduce lift sequences, and utlisation of our multi-skilled expert team, resulting in a flexible solution that is scalable for any project. 
  • Domain experts from different technology paths including drilling, driving, and grouting work collectively under an integrated contract structure through the Marine Foundations segment to provide a seamless service for large-scale projects, allowing the customer to minimise interfaces and project management overheads. 
  • We are developing equipment bases in growth areas in support of upcoming projects so we can support customers locally by expanding our crew and service support equipment hubs. We already have hubs in Singapore, Southern US Coast, and Europe which are major project activity areas. 

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MENCK to provide hydraulic piledriving hammer solution to Seaway 7 for Vattenfall’s Hollandse Kust Zuid I–IV (HKZ) offshore wind farm project in the Netherlands

How can we mitigate the risks associated with challenging soil conditions during pile installation?

Acteon solution 

Through leveraging our extensive experience with various soil conditions and applying a customised approach we ensure installability at the lowest risk profile possible. 

Proof points 

  • Supported by Acteon’s Geo-services segment, we help customers to plan for all phases of the project so we can develop effective risk mitigation strategies for soil-specific challenges. Our geotechnical engineers guide our customers through optimised data acquisition, intelligent engineering assessment, and robust installation methodologies. 
  • We use a combination of drilling and driving as well as vibro installation to provide a unique approach to overcome the challenges of soil-specific risks and geo-hazards such as pile refusal and pile run. 
  • Our offshore technicians are multiskilled with experience in numerous engineering and technology arenas working across renewables and oil and gas. They understand the potential challenges associated with pile driving and can quickly respond to change the force of character of the equipment to avoid incidents such as pile runs 
  • During installation, we use smart technology for early detection such as sensors and GNSS to detect the risk of pile installation incidents so we can act before they occur.

How can we minimise marine foundation installation costs?

Acteon solution 

Acteon supports customers by lowering the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) on their offshore wind projects by optimising all aspects of the installation lifecycle. 

Proof points 

  • Our satellite-based remote connectivity data initiative is used during installation to provide full engineering competence at the fingertips of the customer. Technicians can see the hammer operation monitoring live through a VR headset, which can be streamed to onshore engineers, avoiding the need to mobilise expert engineering resources. 
  • We can reduce project costs by implementing a drive-drill-drive method that combines the use of a drill and hammer and negates the use of temporary casing, grout, or concrete whilst also reducing the size, and associated cost, of the piling hammer. 
  • We optimise lifting operations with innovative tooling including the Rocksteady multi-lift receptor to lift various pieces of equipment without the need to unsling the lifting tool, resulting in significant time reduction over multiple pile installations, therefore reducing vessel time. 
  • We optimise logistics and reduce mobilisation time and cost by supplying and servicing equipment from our regional hubs, and modular equipment design means that we can transport just the necessary parts rather than the whole system if something needs replacing. 

How can we optimise pre-piling jacket installation?

Acteon solution 

Collaboration across Acteon’s segments allows us to provide an end-to-end jacket installation package with a holistic view to reducing the cost and risk for operation and delivery. 

Proof points 

  • We designed the pre-piling template (PPT) which is used to ensure accuracy of the foundation at all interfaces and is integrated with all other jacket installation equipment that we provide, including the hammer, which simplifies the process and avoids the risk of mis-design. 
  • We provide the full back deck spread and crew for a vessel of opportunity through a single point of contact to reduce interfaces and give us a holistic view of the project to ensure installation processes are optimised through maximum integration. 
  • We use a single localised central focal point for in-house equipment and spare parts rather than sourcing from third-party suppliers all over the world, this ensures integration, and reduces mobilisation and equipment lead times. 
  • We apply our extensive experience of site-specific challenges to ensure that we can identify piling risk from the offset, and design a solution to integrate with the PPT, bubble curtain, and noise mitigation systems. 

Marine foundations specialisms 

Offering a single point of contact to drive project efficiency; our focus is to reduce the cost, complexity and time to safely install offshore foundations.