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Noise mitigation systems

Noise Mitigation System from MENCK

Using modern technology and old school ingenuity, Acteon is leading the industry in pile driving noise reduction research; developing top side and underwater noise reduction systems.

Our patented topside noise reduction skirt can reduce sound energy emission around a pile up to 65% - important for those projects close to noise sensitive areas.

Built for easy handling, the noise reduction skirt can be mounted directly to the hammer. This is raised and lowered by three winches remotely operated by the hammer technician allowing easy visibility for manoeuvrability and reducing handling time.

Delivered by MENCK

MENCK provides specialised hydraulic piledriving solutions and project management for customers in renewables, oil, gas and civil engineering.

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Acteon can also offer an integrated project management service. This involves managing the activities of one or more of our companies on a customer’s behalf and providing a single point of contact for all aspects of project management.

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