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Underwater noise environmental impact assessment

Noise Enviornmental Impact Norther from MENCK

Acteon’s team of engineers have developed a solution to address the challenges of environmental noise by designing noise mitigation systems, along with systems which actively reduce the noise generation during pile installations.

Continuous exchange of progress made during the concept and final design with clients has ensured a design which works for the systems and addresses the market and clients’ expectations.

Prolonged exposure to environmental noise caused by construction, shipping and production facilities in global waters has been known to cause a range of health problems, not only for humans, but for sea life as well.

The Noise Reduction Unit (MNRU) has become an integral part of the MHU hammer during operation. By precisely influencing the force-generation characteristics of the single impact during pile driving, the MNRU reduces the noise-generating attributes of the impact while ensuring continuous drivability of the pile. The noise level is actively reduced by 9–12 dB or an equivalent to >80% of the original system.

A further benefit of the MNRU is the much-reduced fatigue induction during pile driving which may allow for new design approaches to the foundation piles and reduced costs due to material savings. Acteon’s commitment to the highest health and safety standards extends beyond our employees, clients and partners and considers the environment with all its inhabitants.

Delivered by MENCK

MENCK provides specialised hydraulic piledriving solutions and project management for customers in renewables, oil, gas and civil engineering.

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Acteon can also offer an integrated project management service. This involves managing the activities of one or more of our companies on a customer’s behalf and providing a single point of contact for all aspects of project management.

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