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LM Handling lifting tools

Pinned Lifting Tool from LM Handling

Lifting tools are cost effective, simple to operate, safe and can easily be installed in vertical or horizontal piles.

Our products benefit from a fail safe, secure, positive 'pin though hole' lifting mechanism.

Pinned lifting tools (PLTs) feature a simple single pinning system for securing to, upending and lifting piles. Once the pile is in place the pin is typically removed manually by personnel or work-class remote operated vehicle (WROV), releasing the PLT from the pile and allowing tool recovery.

The PLTs are engineered to ensure simple operation at surface and subsea. For our standard units, there are no hydraulics, umbilicals or moving parts to go wrong or become trapped or entangled.

PLTs are typically engineered to ensure pin self-alignment when used in subsea operations.

Remote pin actuation systems can also be provided, powered from surface hydraulic power units (HPUs), WROV HPUs (hotstab) or pressurised hydraulic accumulator systems (all similar to hydraulic release shackles). PLTs operate both above and below water with operational water depth limited only by WROV depth rating.

The internal lifting tool (ILT) is a versatile pile and conductor handling tool. ILTs can be easily inserted in a vertical or horizontal position and can be used to a depth of 3000m. There is just one setting for each pile size which covers a wide range of available wall thicknesses.

Most of the ILTs are supplied in a dedicated DNV certified container, which doubles as an on-site workshop container. Spacers can be changed quickly, allowing the tool to be resized in a fast, simple and safe way – especially important for multi-sized piling projects. The ILT also self-locks once a lifting load is applied to ensure safe operation.

We have developed three new 30″-60″ and two 16″-36″ ILTs which are available for rental. Both tools follow the same design specification to enable rapid tooling change out offshore and simplistic operation.

Delivered by LDD

LDD is a specialist marine drilling and construction contractor offering a range of equipment and services associated with installing tubular casings and foundations into the seabed for the renewables, oil and gas, nuclear energy and civil and marine structure and facilities sectors.

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Acteon can also offer an integrated project management service. This involves managing the activities of one or more of our companies on a customer’s behalf and providing a single point of contact for all aspects of project management.

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