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  • A pile upending system ready to be mobilised to an offshore energy project
    Pile upending systems

    Pile upending systems are designed to aid offshore installation of long piles.

  • Pinned Lifting Tool from LM Handling
    Pinned Lifting tools

    Pinned lifting tools (PLTs) feature a simple single pinning system for securing to, upending and lifting piles. Once the pile…

  • Platform and Subsea Well Life Extension from 2H Offshore
    Platform & subsea well life extension

    The assessments conducted by Acteon consider the asset’s operational history since installation and detail its residual strength and fatigue capacity…

  • Pre-lay Mooring Services from InterMoor
    Pre-lay mooring services

    Pre-lay moorings involve the provision and installation of a complete additional drilling rig mooring spread before the drilling rig arrives…

  • Procurement Services from 2H Offshore
    Procurement services

    This approach is well-suited to riser systems that can have many interfaces with the well system and the host vessel,…

  • Production and Export services from 2H Offshore
    Production & export riser design & engineering

    Acteon has been at the forefront of subsea riser design and technology for over 20 years, identifying and developing configurations…

  • InterAct Project Management
    Project management

    In recent years Acteon has forged a reputation for its willingness to tackle more demanding projects and its ability to…

  • Qualification Testing from 2H Offshore
    Qualification testing

    Acteon has helped to define, plan and perform successful qualification testing on a variety of components including taper stress joints,…

  • Acteon Product Service Image
    Quality control & inspection services

    For delivery management, Acteon can either manage the inspection plan and call off inspectors or perform fabrication, installation and as…

  • Rocksteady heavy lift tool
    Quick connect lifting tool

    The Rocksteady® lift tool is a quick connector for heavy offshore lifting operations. A fail-safe and visually verifiable lock guarantees…

  • Remote positioning hub

    The Remote Positioning Hub (IM-RPH) is a positioning system, that allows survey professionals to send navigation commands to an offshore…

  • Rig Move Services from InterMoor
    Rig move services

    From offices in the United States, West Africa, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Asia Pacific and Norway, Acteon are ready to…

  • USBL Services from InterMoor
    Rig positioning & USBL services

    Acteon provides clients with re-entry positioning, site-specific survey, subsea wellhead positioning, USBL services and rig positioning. These services are supported…

  • Ring chasers and chaser stopper

    Acteon’s fleet of chasers are available to cost-effectively support operations worldwide.

  • Acteon Product Service Image
    Riser & subsea system monitoring

    The array of monitoring systems provided by Acteon are used for a variety of subsea structures including riser systems, subsea…

  • Riser Delivery Management from 2H
    Riser delivery management

    The riser delivery management services are tailored to meet the needs of all project execution phases requiring detailed design, hardware…