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Pre-lay mooring services

Pre-lay Mooring Services from InterMoor

Pre-lay moorings involve the provision and installation of a complete additional drilling rig mooring spread before the drilling rig arrives on location.

Acteon is ready to respond to international and domestic rig move and pre-lay mooring needs, saving clients valuable time and money.

For a pre-lay campaign, Acteon provides two mooring systems, with the rig using one whilst the second is ‘leap-frogged’ to the next well and prepared. The rig can therefore move to the new location and hook up to the installed mooring without waiting. Pre-laying the mooring system has some clear benefits: financial; safety and integrity; scheduling; and provides additional local activities, all whilst improving the efficiency of the drilling programme.

It is clear that the direct financial benefits of pre-lay are a key factor, but the enhanced safety and integrity are critical aspects for consideration. Pre-laying a mooring spread moves this activity off the rig’s critical path and reduces the substantive time (and cost) pressures that holding up a drilling programme entails.

Acteon’s latest mooring connector, the IM Release allows faster “leap-frogging” between systems thanks to a Teledyne enabled acoustic release system, that can disconnect at the push of a button.

Delivered by InterMoor

InterMoor is a world-leader in mooring technology, specialising in mooring assets from engineering and project management to provision of equipment to installation, inspection and repair.

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Acteon can also offer an integrated project management service. This involves managing the activities of one or more of our companies on a customer’s behalf and providing a single point of contact for all aspects of project management.

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Complete mooring solutions.

Acteon’s solid domain knowledge in mooring design and offshore mooring operations spans the globe. We have installed some of the largest offshore assets in all water depths. We provide an integrated service covering the entire project lifecycle, from engineering, mooring design, procurement, and installation, through to maintenance and decommissioning.

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