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  • Acteon Product Service Image
    Environmental & metocean monitoring

    The MarineASSURE™ and INTEGRIportal™ systems and services are built on the latest architectures and technologies which allow us to optionally…

  • Equipment calibration

    Acteon has established calibration facilities in Aberdeen, Singapore and Houston.

  • Equipment service & repairs

    Acteon pride themselves on ensuring their clients receive the highest standard of subsea equipment, maintained in-house by their qualified and…

  • Flexible Riser Integrity Monitoring Wirebreak fatigue from Pulse
    Flexible riser integrity monitoring

    The FLEXASSURE flexible riser monitoring system is used to confirm the integrity of the top section of flexible risers by…

  • Geophysical equipment rental

    Acteon has an extensive range of geophysical equipment available for rental or sale globally for applications including pre-engineering surveys, wind…

  • Benthic Geophysical Survey
    Geophysical Survey

    Working with selected specialist partners, Acteon draws on a full range of survey techniques, from multibeam bathymetry to side-scan sonar…

  • Benthic Geoscience Consulting
    Geoscience consulting

    Through the work of in-house engineers and selected industry partners, Acteon offers a full range of geotechnical consultancy services to…

  • Acteon Product Service Image
    Geotechnical engineering

    Working with in-house engineers and selected industry partners, Acteon offers a full range of geotechnical engineering consultancy services.

  • Hydrographic equipment rental

    Acteon has an extensive fleet of hydrographic subsea equipment including single and multibeam echosounders and data acquisition solutions for hydrographic…

  • hydrographic mapping image
    Hydrographic Mapping

    Acteon’s experience and expertise lead the industry in both data acquisition and processing of seafloor mapping information within all industry…

  • Industrial Measurement Services
    Industrial Measurement Services

    Acteon's services reduce the uncertainty in as-built asset conditions, and also verify dimensions and positional accuracy on new-build infrastructure and…

  • UTEC Geospatial Survey
    Land survey

    Wide range of survey services for the civil, construction, energy, rail, infrastructure and renewables sectors

  • Metocean equipment rental

    An extensive spread of Metocean equipment is available for rental or sale from Acteon’s global bases to support clients’ needs…

  • Metocean survey
    Metocean surveys

    Our metocean equipment and survey services are fully integrated to support projects in offshore and coastal environments. Understanding how water…

  • Mooring Line Integrity Monitoring Line Break fatigue from Pulse
    Mooring line integrity monitoring

    Acteon supplies clients with a real time acoustic mooring line monitoring system, MoorASSURE, to monitor tension of mooring lines.

  • Benthic Offshore Laboratory Testing
    Offshore laboratory testing

    Following offshore operations, Acteon can manage the sample transportation to an accredited onshore laboratory where geotechnical engineers will oversee testing…