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  • Desktop studies
    Desktop studies for geo-services

    Desktop studies are conducted during the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) phase of marine subsea telecommunication projects. The desktop study is…

  • Benthic Geophysical Survey
    Geophysical Survey

    Working with selected specialist partners, Acteon draws on a full range of survey techniques, from multibeam bathymetry to side-scan sonar…

  • hydrographic mapping image
    Hydrographic Mapping

    Acteon’s experience and expertise lead the industry in both data acquisition and processing of seafloor mapping information within all industry…

  • Industrial Measurement Services
    Industrial Measurement Services

    Acteon's services reduce the uncertainty in as-built asset conditions, and also verify dimensions and positional accuracy on new-build infrastructure and…

  • Metocean survey
    Metocean surveys

    Our metocean equipment and survey services are fully integrated to support projects in offshore and coastal environments. Understanding how water…

  • Onshore survey taking place
    Onshore Surveys

    Ground-penetrating radar provides the critical subsurface information of soil structure, rocks, ice, and buried utilities. Acteon's modern data acquisition technologies…

  • UXO
    UXO and Boulder Identification Surveys

    We efficiently collect data, conduct analysis, and report for Alarp UXO certification to support offshore wind project development.