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UXO and Boulder Identification Surveys


Efficiently identify potential hazards across the site to mitigate risk

We efficiently collect data, conduct analysis, and report for Alarp UXO certification to support offshore wind project development.

While typical site-characterization surveys are performed for permitting, siting and design of the wind development area and potential offshore export cable corridor routes, UXO and boulder identification surveys require a greater density of data mitigate any risk during construction and installation. This includes tighter line spacing, and increased ping density of sensors to identify targets. 

An array of towed magnetometers identify potential targets and analysis of the data informs the quantity, type, and location of potential UXOs across the site for later identification with an ROV to ultimately determine appropriate mitigation actions. 

Multibeam echosounder, sub-bottom profiler, and side-scan sonar data are acquired and analysed to ensure boulders greater than a predetermined size are avoided during construction activities (wind turbine generators and offshore sub-stations), and both inter-array and export cables can achieve their appropriate depth of burial without risk of damage to cable and equipment. 

Delivered by TerraSond

TerraSond specialises in collecting, compiling, and identifying geospatial and geophysical information that provides the best possible solution offering the lowest risk for customers in energy markets.

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