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Efficiencies for renewables

Big Offshore wind-farm with transfer vessel


For wind farms, our solutions include hydraulic piledriving equipment and hammers that are the most powerful on the market. Their modular design enables easy transportation, assembly and maintenance. To access deeper waters, we are at the same time developing equipment to install the new series of XL monopiles and working with clients to design innovative mooring systems for large floating wind farms. Early engagement with our clients allows us to reduce costs through optimising designs and reviewing constructability. For floating wind farms, we deliver an all-inclusive service, from front-end engineering design (FEED) to mooring design and assist with anchor selection, design, and manufacturing.

Minimise environmental impact

Disconnection solution for mooring lines

We have developed a remote manual and programmable disconnection solution for disconnecting mooring lines that save time and enable prompt action in the event of extreme weather and at any load.

Noise mitigation technology

Our noise mitigation technology on piledriving hammers minimises the environmental impact of wind turbine installation. Built for easy handling, the patented topside noise reduction skirt can reduce sound energy emission around a pile up to 65% – important for those projects close to noise sensitive areas.

Wave energy technology

For a wave energy project where the loads imparted to the seabed anchor connector are constantly varying in magnitude and direction, we offer a variant on our qualified subsea mooring connector, Rocksteady. The connector allows the high vectoring loads to be transferred from the kite to the gravity base foundation.

Reduce offshore interventions with remote monitoring

We understand that less offshore intervention is key to lower the life-cycle levellised cost of energy (LCOE) for wind farms. With that in mind, we have developed remote technologies that allow our customers to virtually monitor their assets.

Dimensional control & smart data management

Our proprietary award-winning solution, iSite allows clients to remotely manage any assets from their desktop, reducing offshore costs. All information is derived from high definition laser scanning data and HDR spherical photography/photogrammetry giving the user ultimate confidence. The tool can be used on platforms, vessels, telecom towers and more.

Remote positioning hub

Similarly, our Remote Positioning Hub is an innovative positioning system, that allows survey professionals to send navigation commands to an offshore vessel, from the comfort of their onshore base, thereby reducing the number of crew and associated carbon emissions.

We constantly adapt our proven state-of-the-art technologies to fit the environmental standards of the renewables industry, from making our products smaller and more efficient, to designing new tools that allow our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Big Offshore wind-farm with transfer vessel Big Offshore wind-farm with transfer vessel
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We apply decades of experience to provide foundations services for marine energy assets. We are recognised as technical experts in advancing “smart” technology and trusted to deliver high-quality, engineered solutions to our customers in the most challenging conditions.

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