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PROD: Transforming seabed characterisation – Acteon featured product


Since 2000, PROD has proven itself in over 65 varied projects, including site investigations for jack-up and platform foundations, FPSO anchor spreads, subsea structures and pipelines. PROD has been particularly successful when presented with challenging conditions such as extreme seabed slopes, very soft sediments, adverse sea-states, operations close to existing platforms, pipelines or seabed structures.

Discover three key projects where PROD has been instrumental in the complete geotechnical solution delivered by Acteon.

1. Palma District, Tungue Bay, Mozambique | Water Depth: 0m-1400m | PROD 1 | Client: Anadarko

The work scope included geotechnical survey operations off the coast of Mozambique in Tungué Bay (Palma district) and surrounding areas to obtain data for maritime navigation, sub-surface characterisation, hazard identification, and development of seabed mechanical properties. This included campaigns for the acquisition, processing, interpretation/testing, quality verification and reporting of geotechnical survey data in offshore Mozambique. We developed TracPROD, a portable shallow water tracked system modification to PROD, which enabled the system to execute operations from the shore to 1,400m water depth from the same vessel. TracPROD was launched from a unique flat-bottomed shallow water vessel, using our conventional LARS (Launch and Recovery System). It was then driven away from the vessel to the maximum distance of the umbilical. TracPROD has sufficient onboard cooling allowing it to operate continuously in air at 100% capability. This allows PROD to operate in positive LAT locations, where PROD may be completely dry when the tide is out.

2. BM-C-33 and BM-S-8 Blocks, Brazil | Water Depth: 2100m-2900m | Max Penetration Depth: 60m | PROD 3 | Client: Equinor | Vessel: M/V Sable Chouest

The offshore work scope included the collection of soil samples (depths ranging from 6m-60m), CPT testing, box coring and ROV work including feature and sub-bottom profiler confirmations. A coral survey and inspection, along with the installation of a cathodic protection system on four existing wellheads were executed. Standpipe piezometers were installed for logging pore pressure over a one-year minimum time period. Following onshore and offshore laboratory testing, analyses and interpretation, the data was used to determine slope stability and geohazard feasibility assessments, as well as geotechnical design (concept studies). Operations took place in water depths ranging from 2,100m to 2,900m.

3. Santos Dorado field geotechnical site investigation services, Australia | Borehole Depth: 100m | PROD 2 | Vessel: MMA Vigilant

The work included geophysical and geotechnical surveys, consisting of multiple Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) and borehole locations up to 100m.
The PROD2 seabed drilling and geotechnical testing system was used; a proprietary portable remotely operated drill that can switch between piston sampling and rotary coring to maximise productivity. The tool can recover 75mm diameter cores with continuous sampling capability in water depths to 3,000m. It also operates on the seabed and is isolated from vessel motion via a slack umbilical, which reduces weather sensitivity and downtime, resulting in more efficient operations. PROD2 executed the project onboard the MMA Vigilant.
The project leveraged our personnel in the Australian region and the use of the PROD2 asset working in the region. Our long and successful Australian offshore execution capability is supported by a highly experienced 100% Australian offshore crew, which presented a low-risk and efficient solution to the client.

ROUNDUP – Early engagement is the key to unlocking project efficiencies

Customers need data as quickly as possible, often at short notice. At Acteon, we are proactive and give you the confidence that we can meet your schedule. Communicating with us ahead of the tender allows us to mobilise our equipment to the region where it will be needed, to prepare for rapid call-off once the project starts. You can then take advantage of optimisation of foundation designs and achieve more certainty on project cost. This helps us provide accurate data and keeps the project on track and within budget.

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