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  • A view of the internal leg cutter
    Internal Leg Cutters

    The Internal Leg Cutter (ILC) has a fixed upper body, a rotating lower nozzle assembly, and six centralising pins at…

  • Internal pile cutters
    Internal pile cutters

    Our fleet of IPC tools range from 5-5/8” to 120” and boast an extensive track record. During deployment, the centralising…

  • Large diameter manufacturing from Probe
    Large diameter manufacturing

    Large diameter refurbishment for riser sections, spools and adaptors. Riser sections up to 50ft in length can be accommodated, which…

  • Claxton Lightweight Recovery Decks
    Lightweight recovery decks

    When teamed with a jack-up lift barge (JULB) or suitable platform crane, the lightweight recovery deck provides a safe bespoke…

  • Aquatic Logistic Management Services
    Logistic Management Services

    Keeping pace with personal, organisational and economic events makes logistics planning interesting and challenging; and only by having a group…

  • Claxton's Lubricator (BPV/ polished rod)
    Lubricator (BPV/polished rod)

    Due to the varying designs of wellheads and Xmas trees, the use of polished rod lubricators must be engineered to…

  • Lubricators and risers from Probe
    Lubricators & risers

    Lubricator and riser sections are designed for the deployment of wireline, slickline or coiled tubing tools during well intervention operations.

  • Manifold systems from Probe
    Manifold systems

    The choke manifold is a necessary device for managing well pressure fluctuations encountered during operations by diverting flow through a…

  • Maine growth removal tools in action
    Marine growth removal systems

    MGR systems are commonly required for cleaning monopiles for offshore wind farms, prior to the installation and grouting of the…

  • Marine safety & handling solutions

    Long-term solutions for the unpredictable, and often severe challenges posed by operating in harsh marine environments.

  • Aquatic Modular Drive System Services
    Modular drive system hire

    The Acteon range of modular reel drive systems are designed for the installation, recovery and replacement of flexible products.

  • Nearshore Marine from CIS
    Nearshore marine construction piling services

    Diversifying beyond servicing the oil and gas sector by extending piling services to the nearshore marine construction services market.

  • Oil country tubular goods from Probe
    Oil country tubular goods

    Product and service line brand, Probe, specialises in the complex threading of oil country tubular goods (OCTG). This includes API…

  • Aquatic Onshore Cable Handling Services
    Onshore cable handling services

    Acteon's equipment fleet can provide the means to transport the cable from vessel to storage facility and back again safely…

  • Claxton Onshore materials management services
    Onshore materials management services

    The centre provides trained personnel with support facilities to undertake the full repair, refurbishment and re-certification of any wellhead and/or…

  • Onshore Rigless Installation from CIS
    Onshore rigless conductor/pile installation

    Onshore rigless conductor and pile installation service allows operators to drive and install conductor pipe offline before the drill rig…