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Internal pile cutters

Internal pile cutters

The Internal Pile Cutter (IPC) is a robust, reliable and field proven manipulator consisting of a fixed cylindrical upper body, a rotating lower nozzle assembly and two sets of hydraulically-driven centralising arms.

Complementary tooling for the JetCut system.

Our fleet of IPC tools range from 5-5/8” to 120” and boast an extensive track record. During deployment, the centralising arms and nozzle assembly are retracted into the body of the tool protecting them and allowing the IPC to slide down the internals of the pile unhindered if angled.

A radial encoder gives real-time readout in degrees of progress through the cutting operation. The cutting head is extended by a pre-charged accumulator, allowing it to ride over seam-welds or non-conformities without any risk of damage to the manipulator assembly.

The IPC is deployed by vessel crane or independent winch system into the open top of the pile. Once lowered to agreed cut elevation, the integral centralising arms and nozzle assembly are extended. A complete pass is then carried out using HP water to verify that the manipulator is fully functional and that the nozzle is in contact with the pile wall rather than mud or scale deposits.

Once this cleaning/test pass is completed, abrasive is introduced to the HP water and a full cutting pass completed, including a 10 degree over cut ensuring complete severance. The circumferential movement of the cutting head is controlled using hydraulics, with the cutting process monitored by a radial encoder which gives the operator accurate real-time readings of the nozzle position within the pile.

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Claxton combines a fast-track design and project engineering service with a large rapid call-off inventory to deliver integrated end-to-end life of field solutions for customers' renewable and oil and gas energy projects all around the world.

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