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  • Interact Facility Debottlenecking
    Facility debottlenecking

    Acteon offer special expertise in equipment layout and materials handling for congested facilities with space constraints. We provide “debottlenecking” solutions…

  • InterAct Facility Permit Optimization
    Facility permit optimisation

    Acteon helps clients navigate and expedite the permitting process, identifying potential environmental and political issues early and developing practical mitigation…

  • InterAct Field Development Optimization
    Field development optimisation

    Assisting clients in evaluating the effectiveness of current operations and assessing the feasibility of future development plans, including well stimulation…

  • InterAct Field Services
    Field services

    Experienced drilling engineers and wellsite supervisors deliver comprehensive well services for offshore and onshore fields in the most challenging conditions…

  • HPHT engineering from 2H Offshore
    HPHT expertise

    Recent regulatory and industry activity has indicated a growing demand for ECA during design, verification, fabrication and installation. Acteon regularly…

  • Installation Engineering from 2H Offshore
    Installation engineering

    Acteon has provided installation engineering support to many installation contractors all around the world, and have also provided guidance to…

  • InterAct Project Management Services
    Integrated project management services

    Acteon project managers include personnel with a keen understanding of the metrics and drivers for successful projects. They are adept…

  • Clarus Integrity Data Management
    Integrity data management

    Acteon offers a unique data management solution in iCUE, a user-friendly web-based integrity management portal that allows structured data organisation…

  • Acteon Product Service Image
    Integrity management

    To ensure the integrity of riser and conductor systems, Acteon provides a range of specialist services to address day-to-day degradation,…

  • Internal & external corrosion design verification & audits

    The internal condition assessment is done periodically during operation but is particularly important for repurposing and life extension. The main…

  • InterAct Land Use Permitting
    Land use permitting

    Acteon helps clients navigate and expedite the permitting process, identifying potential environmental and political issues early and developing practical mitigation…

  • InterAct Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence Services and Feasibility Analysis
    M&A due diligence services & feasibility analysis

    Acteon assists clients in identifying major risks and liabilities, including potential future long-term liabilities that could impact transaction price. InterAct…

  • InterAct Mapping and GIS services
    Mapping & GIS services

    Organising data in a graphic format allows clients to confidently share information with multidisciplinary teams and government agencies

  • Minimum Facilities Platform from 2H Offshore
    Minimum facility platform

    This innovative and cost-effective design solution is ideal for early production, marginal field developments and expanding existing infrastructure. CoSMOS is…

  • Clarus Moorings Integrity Management
    Moorings integrity management program

    Mooring specific threats such as corrosion, wear, over-stress, fatigue and mechanical damage are assessed with respect to design intent, design…

  • Offshore renewable engineering

    Subsea cable failures are the costliest cause of financial losses in the global offshore wind industry. They account for 70-80%…