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Drilling and decommissioning


Acteon is a leading engineering and service provider for the installation and removal of wells and offshore infrastructure.

We offer bespoke drilling and decommissioning solutions that are safe, fit for purpose and commercially attractive to customers.

Our capabilities include well engineering and environmental consultancy; engineering analysis and technology development; manufacturing and fabrication; drilling riser services; conductor and pile installation; offshore renewables support; asset life extension; and decommissioning.

We reduce project footprints by conducting efficient rigless activities, providing multiskilled personnel across services and deploying technologies that improve operational efficiency. Acteon also provides a single development drilling support solution, which means fewer interfaces and contracts, better communications and lower costs.

At Acteon, we add value by challenging convention and developing alternative approaches and new technologies. We can optimise and reduce the costs of decommissioning operations, including subsea and platform rigless well abandonments and subsea and floating infrastructure removals, without compromising on quality.

Restoring to a clean post-industrial

Restoring to a clean post-industrial setting

We help customers to minimise the total cost of their energy developments by optimising decommissioning and renaturalisation to protect marine life.


Helping customers to find the best option for each project

Our experience of developing innovative solutions for complex or problematic wells means we can offer more than 100 proprietary tools.

Reducing project footprints

Reducing project footprints through vessel optimisation

We make it possible to access wells riglessly using multi-platform deployable equipment that utilises a customer’s existing assets.



Acteon’s reputation for technology development is built on more than 100 proprietary tools, many of which are globally recognised product brands.

Clean post-industrial marine restoration solutions

We help customers in the oil and gas and renewable energy industries to minimise the environmental impacts and associated costs of energy developments by restoring the seabed to a clean post-industrial setting. We also support artificial reefing to protect marine life.

A key part of this is our ability to retrieve production assets and flexible and semi-rigid products using cost-effective, tailored approaches to restoring the subsea marine environment. We provide innovative equipment, including the patented SABRE™ and SWAT™ tools, and the personnel to perform well abandonment and bespoke engineering, including rigless access to platform or subsea and suspended wells. This rigless approach can significantly reduce project timetables and minimise the costs for drilling and decommissioning operations. We have cut and recovered more than 600 wells and completed more than 3000 specialised cutting projects.

Finding the best option: alternative solutions

At Acteon, engineering analysis and technology development are key areas of focus. Through customer engagement and using operational experience and engineering expertise, we apply industry-leading domain knowledge to bring new, efficiency-enhancing technology to market.

We deliver complete riser and tensioning systems and solutions that include evaluation, design, management, and installation, and enable the safe and environmentally friendly control and capture of pressurised drilling fluids for shallow water, subsea or surface wells. Our team offers an engineered manufacturing and fabrication capability to all markets and develops innovative solutions to extend usable lifespans and improve asset payback, including the recovery of old conductors through bespoke tooling and fast-track engineering. Late-life solutions include resolving legacy and wellhead decommissioning failures to make them safe and give the potential for reuse. We also help customers to make informed decisions by collecting, managing and interpreting complex geo-reference data.

Reducing project footprints for drilling and decommissioning

Acteon specialists have the freedom to select the optimum size and cost of vessel based on the individual requirements of each drilling or decommissioning project, which often removes the need for costly or unavailable rigs or drilling derricks.

Our aim is to make operations simple and cost-effective. For example, we facilitate decommissioning through expert engineering and planning of on- and offshore workscopes, including undertaking feasibility, cost and environmental studies. And we offer packaged services and technology enabling the rigless abandonment, severance and recovery of CAT1 and CAT2 surface and subsea wells. Our surface and subsea cutting and recovery technologies help to optimise the removal of subsea, topside and onshore infrastructure. We can operate effectively from platforms, rigs, barges and vessels, thereby ensuring maximum flexibility and the most cost-effective and environmentally efficient project delivery.

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Acteon’s expertise in drilling and decommissioning spans decades and covers the full lifecycle of a project from the acquisition of subsea information and data, to bespoke drilling packages to onshore disposal and recycling.

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