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Asset life extension

Safely and efficiently extending the life of your marine assets to optimise your returns

Additional & Replacement Conductor Guides

Acteon has a clear understanding of the importance of circular economy strategies and support customers with the upkeep of assets during their original design lives. We carry out the work required to enable life extension and, ultimately, the delivery of safe decommissioning.

Reinstating the integrity of platforms, conductors and subsea assets can extend their lives. To achieve this, Acteon provides market-leading engineering and services including rigless slot recovery, repair systems, structural support structures and marine coating removal. This helps to maximise asset utilisation, ensure safe operation and avoid a fix-on-fail approach that could result in environmental damage, lost production or expensive consequences.

Solving your most pressing challenges

With early engagement, we can evaluate the most cost-efficient ways to extend the life, and total production recovery, of a development to safely increase the overall returns of your project.

How can we extend the useful life of our existing wells to increase revenue?

Acteon solution
We evaluate and determine the cause of production decline and advise improvements and solutions for extending well life and ultimate recovery. This provides good returns on the incremental investment in remedial measures required to prolong well life.

Proof points

  • We have drilled, completed, side-tracked, reworked, stimulated, or abandoned more than 2500 wells.
  • Our market-leading design, modelling and analysis software is used to support geographical geological modelling, well trajectory planning, tubular analysis and the economic analysis of different scenarios.
  • We are proficient in over 25 different engineering software packages to characterize the geology, integrity, economics and details of our projects.
  • We have completed projects in over 30 different countries.

Can you help us reuse one of our existing well slots to extend a field’s production life?

Acteon solution
We provide safe solutions that enable customers to avoid the costly installation of new subsea structures by reusing or extending the lives of existing assets. These include slot recovery from platforms in their late life that has become structurally weakened.

Proof points

  • We apply geological and engineering analysis to determine well workover options: stimulation, recompletion, artificial lift optimisation or remediation.
  • We apply our drill and pin, conductor cutting, pile and conductor driving, manufacturing, engineering and analysis expertise to deliver a safe, fast and cost-effective solution that increases production capacity.
  • We provide cost-effective slot recovery, and design and deliver whipstocks and conductor deflection tools.
  • We have supported the installation of subsea infrastructure for 24 projects with a total of 31 structures requiring over 120 piles.

How can we increase the number of wells or slots for an existing platform?

Acteon solution
We evaluate the feasibility of adding a new well without negatively affecting other wells or the platform and deliver a bespoke design that addresses the structural and installation methodology requirements of each project.

Proof points

  • Acteon has driven 1800 conductors worldwide.
  • We have designed and supplied over 600 centralizers worldwide.
  • We apply our operational knowledge and experience to design, manufacture and install new conductor guides and centralizers and drive conductors for new wells.
  • We use riser analysis to determine the loading profile for the new well, making use of environmental and existing asset information.

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How can we rehabilitate corroded conductors?

Acteon solution
We can design, fabricate and supply bespoke structural and pressure retaining clamps to address conductor integrity. We cover everything from analysis to manufacturing and engineering to marine growth removal.

Proof points

  • We have more than 30 years of experience working with operators to repair conductors and extend their lives.
  • Our in‑house developed designs address splash-zone conductor corrosion.
  • We apply our expertise to support different scopes for prolonging the life of the conductor and therefore well.
  • We enable SIMOPs when working alongside a rig to optimise schedule and speed.

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How can we ensure that the centralizers are still safeguarding the lives of the conductors?

Acteon solution
We apply our expertise to the key interfaces and challenges surrounding the upgrading and replacement of centralization systems.

Proof points

  • For new developments, we provide advice on guide design to simplify centralizer installation and reduce fabrication costs.
  • We have provided numerous retrofit centralization designs to reinstate the stability of the conductor for the different levels of the platform (subsea and above).
  • Our designs are fit for purpose within an optimised footprint, thereby reducing materials and costs.
  • Our in‑house manufacturing capability supports our engineering team with fit-for-manufacture designs and fast turnaround.

How can we remove pipeline coatings effectively and cost-efficiently to support inspection and maintenance programmes?

Acteon solution
We provide a proven, AUV/ROV-deployable solution that removes the pipeline coating without using divers, thereby making it inherently safer and faster while optimising the overall inspection and maintenance campaign.

Proof points

  • Our products and services include our high- and ultra-high-pressure coating removal tool, dredging services and pipe cutting and bevelling services.
  • We can remove 360° of coating, including concrete weight coat to SA 2.0 standard without grit blast cleaning or wire brushing.
  • Our tool’s flexible design makes it suitable for a range of pipe diameters. It also has crawling and self‑alignment functions.
  • Options to fit laser scanners and UT probes are available to enable data acquisition from a single deployment.

Energy Services specialisms

Offering a single point of contact to drive project efficiency; our focus is to reduce the cost, complexity and time to safely remove offshore infrastructure.

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Increase returns by safely and cost-effectively maintaining reliability beyond original design limits.