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Cutting and decommissioning

Well decommissioning



Acteon is a leading engineering and service provider for the decommissioning of subsea and platform marine assets. We reduce the cost and complexity of removing marine infrastructure through expert engineering to leave a clean seabed and no future risk to the environment.

At Acteon, we offer a single point of contact to drive project efficiency. We manage and retain key information throughout a project’s life cycle and deliver a truly integrated solution for high-quality well and infrastructure removal. In-house engineering, manufacturing and fabrication capabilities and experience enable us to respond quickly to customers’ needs and to develop bespoke solutions including the build of new equipment.

We bring new, efficiency-enhancing technologies to market by combining customer engagement with operational experience, engineering expertise and industry-leading domain knowledge. The global technology brands we have created include SWAT™, WellRaizer® and SABRE™, which provide efficient and alternative approaches to well abandonment projects.

Solving your most pressing challenges

Acteon helps customers to minimise the total cost and impact of their operations by reducing the size and carbon footprint of the assets required to remove wells and restore sites.

How can we remove our plugged and abandoned subsea wells?

Acteon solution
We enable customers to cut and recover CAT1 subsea wells below the seabed quickly and safely by cutting below the mudline to leave a clean seabed in water depths to 300 m.

Proof points

  • We use our patented market-leading abrasive cutting services and multi-wellhead recovery solutions, along with a full package of ancillary equipment.
  • We cut internally, thereby removing the need for time-consuming dredging operations.
  • Performed successful cuts in up to 300m water depth.
  • Over 100 subsea wells cut globally.

Read the case study: A well severance solution for three subsea tieback wells and eight dual-bore wells

How do we decommission our offshore platform?

Acteon solution
Acteon offers bespoke solutions for quick and safe platform removal. Our unmatched experience and range of technologies enable us to optimise each platform decommissioning project.

Proof points

  • More than 500 platforms decommissioned worldwide
  • We combine technologies for dredging, cutting and lifting to reduce the time and cost of operations.
  • Patented laser cut verification system and real-time cut monitoring to remove the risk of failed cuts.
  • Cut verification reduces the “contingency” cutting time requirement and provides 3D point clouds of the full cut depth to verify and document performance.

Read the case study: Maiden voyage for Claxton’s new cut verification technology on Gulf of Mexico project

How do we fully abandon our subsea well to leave a clean seabed and cause no future risks to the environment?

Acteon solution
Acteon provides a safe, cost-effective and reliable solution to successfully abandon and recover marine infrastructure using its unique technology to perform environmental plugging of suspended wells while reducing operational and environmental risks.

Proof points

  • We provide subsea riser systems to facilitate plug and abandonment of the well.
  • Our award-winning suspended well abandonment tool (SWAT) has a track record of more than 130 suspended wells successfully abandoned and recovered when used in conjunction with our market-leading abrasive severance and recovery package.
  • Multi-skilled team to reduce personnel on board and provide a fully diverless system, remotely controlled and operated from the surface.
  • Further efficiencies can be achieved through our multi-operator campaign initiative.

Read the case study: Recovery of drilling fluid circulation and placement of environmental barrier using SWAT™

How do we cut and recover our platform wells safely and quickly while keeping the costs down?

Acteon solution
At Acteon, we offer safe and efficient platform well removal using our innovative, field-proven, rigless recovery systems, while reducing reliance on high-cost assets. We provide a flexible solution to operate from platforms, barges and rigs.

Proof points

  • Field-proven technologies, including SABRE, JetCut, WellRaizer and MSC, enable the simple recovery of conductors and reduce the complexity of the recovery operations.
  • Integrated offering provides well interfaces, severance and recovery, along with bespoke technology.
  • We have performed the world’s first rigless recovery operation.
  • We enable SIMOPs when working alongside a rig to optimise schedule and speed.

Read the case study: Rigless recovery of 30 multi-string conductors using a time-saving solution

How do we remove subsea infrastructure?

Acteon solution
Acteon uses an extensive range of cutting, cleaning and recovery systems deployed from a variety of asset types to restore a clean seabed. We are technology agnostic, providing the best solution for the requirement.

Proof points

  • More than 20 years of global decommissioning experience.
  • We remove old infrastructure from the seabed to prevent degradation and the potential release of harmful fluids while reducing the carbon emissions generated from the monitoring of left in situ assets.
  • Our team can engineer bespoke solutions for unique challenges.
  • We can manufacture and fabricate solutions internally at short notice.

Read the case study: A well severance solution for three subsea tieback wells and eight dual-bore wells

How do we stop a leaking well?

Acteon solution
Acteon provides safe and cost-effective resealing for previously abandoned on- or nearshore oil wells that are now leaking in a public place. We design an optimised solution for each well, including end-to-end design, engineering, regulatory and compliance, and project execution.

Proof points

  • Complete package from initial analysis to well sealing execution and a demonstration of compliance.
  • Multi-well campaigns to eliminate the need to re-enter the old wellbore to reduce individual well costs.
  • We remove adverse environmental impacts from hydrocarbon release and reduce additional spill risks through an external abandonment methodology.

Drilling and decommissioning specialisms

Offering a single point of contact to drive project efficiency; our focus is to reduce the cost, complexity and time to safely remove offshore infrastructure.



Reduce the cost and complexity of removing marine infrastructure

At Acteon, we solve customers’ challenges using value engineering to support the transition to clean energy. Join our network to access our exclusive content and be the first to know about new technologies, innovations and events.

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