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Remote services

Remote services

The communications hub (comms hub) provides the connectivity required for successful delivery of any type of remote service for nearshore and offshore to reduce the cost and complexity of construction, operation, and maintenance for energy operators.

A unique solution that links the two endpoints with a sophisticated protocol.

The comms hub comprehensively combines features like network acceleration, bonding, network resilience and sophisticated security.

It has been designed as one standard piece of hardware which has the flexibility to deliver any or all three areas of remote survey services simultaneously. Data is brought ashore securely and efficiently in close to real-time, whilst being extremely efficient in its use of bandwidth, be it VSAT, LEO or 4G, all of which can be bonded together by the comms hub.

The comms hub features the SD-WAN (software defined wide area network) which addresses the issues faced offshore with poor communications links often with low bandwidth. The functional side of the comms hub connects the user to the offshore networks and facilitates the remote services delivered using the SD-WAN.

The SD-WAN is an end-to-end encrypted software defined network tunnel that provides:

  • Network resilience
  • Network acceleration
  • Network security
  • Network bonding
  • Traffic priority and QoS for critical applications.

These features address the challenges associated with Wide Area Networks, for example packet loss and delays, without changing the user applications. This allows the comms hub to reliably deliver:

  • Live H.265 Video streams (multiple channels)
  • Automated file transfer for remote data processing
  • Remote operation of online navigation software
  • Remote technical support from expert onshore personnel.

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Delivered by UTEC

UTEC is one of the largest global independent surveying companies providing services across many industrial sectors including renewables, oil and gas, telecommunications, civil engineering, construction, petrochemical, and minerals.

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