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  • Acteon Product Service Image
    Contractor recruitment services

    Acteon delivers a complete solution for recruiting, on-boarding and mobilisation and assignment management of personnel. They work as an exclusive…

  • Corrosion Failure Analysis from Deepwater
    Corrosion failure analysis

    Acteon covers all the bases when it comes to offshore corrosion engineering and inspection. Our ability to team senior corrosion…

  • Directional Driving Services from CIS
    Directional driving services

    Directional driving is a solution developed to mitigate conductor collision risk on multi-slot platforms and is a specialist subset of…

  • DSA Flange from Probe
    Double studded adaptor flanges

    Manufactured to API specification 6A, product and service line brand, Probe’s double studded adaptor (DSA) flanges provide a method of…

  • Claxton Drill Bushings
    Drill bushings

    Misalignment between drilled holes during spudding and the platform guides can lead to operational issues when running conductors and tying…

  • Claxton Drilling and Pinning
    Drilling & pinning machines

    Offered with flexibility in mind, our drilling and pinning system can be provided as part of a package that includes…

  • Claxton's Drilling adapters & crossovers
    Drilling adapters & crossovers

    Acteon provides a wide selection of well-control equipment with a full range of sizes to suit clients’ wellhead, Xmas tree…

  • Drilling riser systems

    Unrivalled product range, proven experience and world-class design and analysis capabilities coupled with our project delivery and after-market service, makes…

  • Drilling spools from Probe
    Drilling spools

    Drilling spools are similar to riser spools but with the added feature of side outlets to attach flow lines extending…

  • A drilling riser system being used during offshore oil and gas installation
    Drilling templates

    Pre-drilling can be the most cost-effective option for developing a new field. Acteon is able to bring significant experience to…

  • Drive Chaser Manufacture Supply from CIS
    Drive chaser / pile follower manufacture & supply

    Drive sub/chasers are an obligatory component when driving conductor strings joined together by connections rather than by welding or where…

  • Drive Shoe Design Manufacture from CIS
    Drive shoe design & manufacture

    A critical component in any driving application, weld on drive shoes offer two principal/major benefits; protection and improved drivability.

  • Dredging equipment
    Excavation & dredging systems

    From subsea pipeline and structure inspection, maintenance and repair to decommissioning, as well as other offshore/onshore tasks, including drill cuttings…

  • Claxton Fixed Blade Centralizers
    Fixed blade centralizers

    These centralizers are installed within the subsea guides of a platform and/or at splash zone guide when riser analysis indicates…

  • Claxton Flange splitting tools
    Flange splitting tools

    Acteon's flexible range of flange splitting tools has been developed to assist in the spreading of all flange joint types…

  • Flanges and adaptors from Probe
    Flanges & adaptors

    Product and service line brand, Probe, are highly experienced in refurbishing and recertifying either API or non-standard flanges and adaptors.