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Directional driving services

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Directional Driving Services from CIS

Directional driving is a solution developed to mitigate conductor collision risk on multi-slot platforms and is a specialist subset to CIS’ core business.

CIS has successfully installed 110+ directional conductors across the globe.

CIS understands that off-course conductor tracking leading to collision into adjacent wells and/or platform jacket infrastructure must be avoided during operations. Directional driving is a proven technique requiring no modifications to the existing infrastructure and/or guides. In conjunction with a CIS directional drive shoe, a specified heading (azimuth) and specialist installation techniques, the conductor string is safely driven and steered away from collision obstacles on route to the intended target setting depth.

A suite of engineering analysis is also offered through CIS’ sister company, 2H Offshore, to determine conductor associated loadings during installation as well as its long-term production life including; conductor bending stress, driving fatigue analysis, in-place strength and stability, in-place VIV Fatigue and in-place wave fatigue analysis.

Delivered by CIS

Conductor Installation Services (CIS) is the only company in the world that is 100% focused on the process of installing conductors, and it takes a resolute approach to the quality of processes, people and equipment it uses.

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Floating facility installation support buyers guide

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