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Cathodic Protection (CP) Pipeline Anode Retrofit

Platform Anode Retrofit RetroPod Deployment

Deepwater offers effective solutions to replace anodes on pipelines through replacing bracket anodes and retrofit anode sleds.

Retrofit anode systems to extend the life of ageing offshore pipelines.
  • Replacing bracelet anodes – Bracelet anode designs for new pipelines often last 30 to 35 years. After these initial anodes deplete, new anode material must be reliably connected to the pipeline, which is often done via ROV. There is no way to replace bracelet anodes once a pipeline is on-bottom. Retrofit technology has an excellent track record of clamps that connect new anode material for 15-to-20-year life extensions.
  • Retrofit anode sleds – Anode material used in a pipeline retrofit is identical to the chemical composition used in the original anodes. However, replacement anode sleds contain more material. In most cases depending on the design, they only need to be placed every few kilometers. The electrical connection to the pipeline is critical when attaching new anodes. Deepwater developed the RetroClamp to allow divers or ROVs to quickly attach new anode sleds.

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Deepwater is a global leader in subsea corrosion control for all asset types, including oil and gas platforms, coastal terminals and offshore wind turbines.

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