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Inspection tools POLATRAK® Drop Cell - DC II™

Inspection tools POLATRAK® Drop Cell - DC II™ from Deepwater

The DC II is used to survey more offshore structures worldwide than any other portable drop-cell style cathodic protection probe, and has been specified by a large number of operators as the only acceptable choice of equipment.

POLATRAK® Drop Cell - DC II™ is the first and only twin-element portable reference electrode of its kind.

The 15-year evolution of this instrument has been based on the belief that responsible asset management begins with accurate cathodic protection testing. Accuracy and ease of use are of chief importance to offshore CP technicians; the DC II boasts guaranteed accuracy +/- 5 mV.

The twin elements provide onboard calibration, reducing the chances of topside survey inaccuracies. Trips offshore are expensive, and faulty equipment should never be a reason for repeating a mobilization.

A rugged thermoplastic housing with a tapered cone prevents snagging. The DC II is available with extra-long cable (up to 1,500ft) and a high-capacity cable reel. The standard model comes with 250ft (75m) of cable.

Delivered by Deepwater

Deepwater is a global leader in subsea corrosion control for all asset types, including oil and gas platforms, coastal terminals and offshore wind turbines.

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Structural health monitoring; visualising asset condition and providing remediation and life extension solutions.

Acteon’s asset integrity and monitoring solutions are designed to help our clients carry out diagnostic and remediation work including further monitoring/deep dive and the provision of proprietary retrofit cathodic protection CP packages suitable across a wide range of applications in marine energy and marine infrastructure markets.

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