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  • Component Design by 2H Offshore
    Components detailed design

    2H Offshore has a diverse track record of component detailed design. Using the latest versions of the most popular software…

  • Claxton Conductor & casing cold cutting
    Conductor & casing cold cutting

    Flexibility is always a key requirement for cold cutting applications and Claxton’s cold cutting systems can be adjusted on request…

  • Claxton Cementing Support System
    Conductor cementing support systems

    It has become increasingly common for operators to install a jacket, drill through the jacket structure and batch-set the platform’s…

  • Conductor Driving Installation Services from CIS
    Conductor driving / installation services

    Using a fleet of S-90 and S-150 IHC Hydrohammers, conductor installation by means of driving is a clean, fast, reliable…

  • Conductor Engineering from 2H Offshore
    Conductor engineering

    Acteon has a vast depth of experience on platform wells, from standard wells through to more complex HPHT developments, splitter…

  • Acteon Product Service Image
    Conductor foundation engineering

    As part of their conductor foundation engineering offering, Acteon offers a conductor foundation engineering service which includes a jetting or…

  • Claxton conductor guide centralizers
    Conductor guide centralizers

    Whilst appearing to be simple devices, centralizers provide a service at the critical interface between the platform structure and the…

  • Conductor Handling Tools Equipment from CIS
    Conductor handling tools/equipment

    The equipment used to move conductors from the rig’s V-door, through the derrick, the drill-floor rotary table and the platform…

  • Conductor Integrity Monitoring from Pulse
    Conductor integrity monitoring

    The DrillASSURE system allows our clients to continue with drilling operations in harsh conditions where disconnect would previously have been…

  • Conductor Pipe Supply from CIS
    Conductor pipe supply & pipe supply

    Supply of all types of pipe for a driven/piled foundation or conductor for onshore and offshore oil and gas operators.

  • Conductor stump recovery

    Claxton’s conductor stump recovery package offers the flexibility, tooling and resources to recover conductor stumps, either riglessly or rig-based, by…

  • Whipstocks from CIS
    Conductor whipstocks

    Conductor whipstocks are essential to the process of platform or subsea well slot recovery by which a new well is…

  • Drivability Engineering Analysis from CIS
    Conductor/pile drive study analysis

    A range of conductor engineering analysis critical to ensuring safe and high integrity conductor performance for extended design life.

  • InterAct Construction Management
    Construction management

    Construction management support services including offshore pipeline and platform upgrades, offshore decommissioning, onshore production facilities installation, onshore production facilities decommissioning,…

  • UTEC Construction Support
    Construction support survey

    Experienced offshore teams supported by decades of onshore project management and survey technical support ensuring the highest quality service, minimising…

  • Acteon Product Service Image
    Contractor recruitment services

    Acteon delivers a complete solution for recruiting, on-boarding and mobilisation and assignment management of personnel. They work as an exclusive…