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Marine Foundations


Marine Foundations

Advancing 'smart' technology and delivering engineered solutions in the most challenging conditions

Significantly reduce the total cost of construction and installation of subsea infrastructure.

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Our capabilities include geotechnical engineering; impact and non-impact pile installations; back-deck services; specialist lifting for renewables; a drive–drill–drive solution for extra-large (XL) monopiles; advanced grouting solutions; and comprehensive high-voltage cable services.

We reduce project footprints and carbon emissions by optimising the use of deck space, offshore personnel and equipment. By focusing on logistics to avoid double handling and maximise vessel utilisation, we help to increase efficiency and decrease costs. Our noise mitigation and spoil-handling systems reduce the environmental impact of our work.

Real-time data capture from our equipment helps us to enhance operations and maintain high levels of performance. Remote monitoring of our offshore assets improves maintenance planning and wear prevention, which helps us to maximise equipment uptime and meet project deadlines.

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The benefits of how we work

We install foundations in challenging conditions

Our unique deep-water hammer system is equipped for use in ultradeep water and our drive–drill-drive installation method alleviates installation risks in hard soil.

We minimise foundation and cable installation costs

Acteon equipment is built to take up less space, be maintained easily and deliver quick operations. We challenge specifications and optimise construction processes through early engagement, in-house logistics and localised resources.

We optimise deck space and streamline operations

We use multi-skilled technicians to reduce POB. Sharing of common equipment and integration with vessel equipment eliminates duplication, whilst a focus on logistics avoids double handling.

Marine foundations projects

Decades of experience in global marine foundations projects means Acteon’s expertise is unrivalled. Explore some of our most recent case studies below.

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Marine foundations brochure

Our experienced brands are designing a more sustainable future.

Download our marine foundations brochure to see how Acteon applies decades of experience to provide foundations services for marine energy assets.  

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