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One contact, one contract: An integrated service for subsea engineering projects


Using a single supplier enhances the efficiency of subsea engineering projects in several ways. First, a single contract dramatically reduces the number of interfaces with other service providers. Fewer interfaces mean fewer suppliers to manage and less risk of any issues being overlooked.

Second, using a single supplier makes it easier to eliminate unnecessary activities and to create synergies and efficiencies of scale – all of which result in greater operational efficiency. Finally, the use of an integrated services team leads to more effective project management, better communication between disciplines and more-efficient project design.


A single contract provides the flexibility needed to customise a solution so that it meets all a company’s technical needs – whether those that involve basic installation services or a complete suite of products and services.

How does it work in practice?

The following examples illustrate how integrated services from a single supplier can make a significant difference to the cost-effectiveness of a subsea project:

  1. Development drilling support services. A single supplier might provide services that include project management; mooring design, engineering and installation; riser design and engineering; surveying and positioning; and geotechnical data and thus greater flexibility and lower costs
  2. Extending the life of subsea infrastructure. An integrated approach, such as that from Acteon, could include all of the special services and deep domain expertise necessary to achieve this objective – all through a single contract
  3. Decommissioning of subsea and floating infrastructure. Integrated services can offer everything from engineering and project management through to rigging and towing equipment and disconnection procedures, thereby cutting the total cost of decommissioning.

Acteon is uniquely positioned to offer complete solutions, packaged as customer-specific integrated services using the experience and expertise of our brands with their deep domain knowledge and extensive range of high-quality products and services.

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