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How geophysical surveys are crucial to offshore wind farm planning

Geophysical surveys provide a continuous model in support of geologic data

Geophysical surveys provide a continuous model in support of geologic data taken by geotechnical information. A geotechnical core provides a wealth of information about the geology of the project ground. It is, however, akin to examining the sub-surface through a keyhole. It is a true-life sample; an accurate reflection of what stratigraphy is below the seafloor at that point. By combining the geophysical modeling with the geologic truthing of the core results, a more continuous ground model can be developed. Plans often change for a variety of reasons and the location of a turbine is a very expensive plan to change. The existence of geophysical survey data, properly referenced to the geotechnical investigations, allows for area wide flexibility in examining the variations in the subsurface. Are these sands related to a filled channel? Does this clay layer extend everywhere in the Wind Energy Area, if so, does it vary with depth, slope, or thickness? Are these carbonate samples part of a large reef complex, or just an isolated event? The geophysical data collected in our surveys expands upon geotechnical results and accurately describes what is occurring between borings, possibly eliminating the need for further geotechnical investigation, or, identifying an area where further geotechnical exploration would be very valuable to the project.

Acteon’s Geo-services segment can provide the necessary geophysical surveys for offshore wind farm installations. In 2018, product and service line brand TerraSond completed its first two Offshore Wind Farm Recon surveys for Ørsted and has since been providing survey services to other projects in the USA, as well as around the world.

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